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No strings about this inside the most recent couple of years, inquisitive about their items.

I purchased a couple of wingtips from them. I was at the mall(another story) searching for wingtips and looked all over the place, including some very good quality fashioners and retail chains. I saw perhaps 2 sets in 10 stores! As I was leaving I saw the Hugo trainer store so I went in. They have some extraordinary stuff yet there were one set of lighter earthy colored wingtips toward the finish of the rack, they were, by and large, the thing I was searching for.

Presently knowing a ton about shoes, I thought they were truly decent. They are cowhide soled, yet I don't know whether they're stuck for sure. The sales reps said he thought they were sewed yet didn't know. They have no obvious fastens, which is the reason I didn't know by the same token. From an absolutely visual viewpoint, they look stuck and stepped to seem sewed.

They were $245. I haven't worn them so I can' clearly return them if need be.

What do you all think?