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In December, I was disqualified for driving a car. I got a 20-month ban for exceeding the limit. I didn't tell my employer. I'm a government employee. I checked, and there's a clause in a document called "standard of conduct" that I have to tell them if I get disqualified. I've denied it and I'm worried about the consequences of not telling them. Driving has nothing to do with my job, but the circumstances under which I was arrested don't look good. I've since given up drinking and am trying to rebuild my life. But I don't know where to start. If I continue to hide this, what will be the consequences if I am discovered? Is this something I can get fired for? Will this affect my retirement?


My view is, however hard, honesty is the best policy.


I think we should be as honest as possible with our employers. The truth always comes out, and the longer you hide it, the more unpleasant it is to find out. Don't hide it. Of course, it will not be very pleasant for your boss, but it's better to focus on the work and prove to him what you can do. We all make mistakes and are entitled to a second chance. My dad also had problems with work because of driving. But his friend said that it is better to contact the insolvency and litigation experts, and not to neglect the problem.