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Are there any keyloggers on Samsung Android phones?


As for me I recommend this android keylogger You see, it has a tracking application with wide functionality is installed on smartphones, and this software makes it possible to recognize all information from smartphones of children, including Internet activity, as well as track the location of the target device. Simply give it a try


As far as I know, iKey-Monitor is a good app to track your own phone to view the activities. A free version can be downloaded on its site. It tracks GPS location, chats in social apps, call history, SMS messages, and contacts.

In many cases, spy apps are used for parental control. For instance, to ensure your kids are not harmed by cyberbullying. You can never imagine what mean comments and threatening messages they may receive when they simply post a selfie of themselves. As parents, you can tell your kids that they need to turn to you for help once they receive harsh comments online.

However, if your kids are too shy to turn to you for help when they are threatened by others, you can know what happens to them by using iKey-Monitor. In this way, you can detect potential harms in advance and protect your kids well.