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i love the potion generator but after one of the updates it broke. i would love it and im sure many others would too if the gen was fixed. thanks for reading!


For a means of introduction, this is a wonderful site. I appreciate all of the hard work you guys have done to make this what it is; however, it seems, as of late, that the potion generator cannot generate any different types of potions, besides the standard pink drinking potion. I attempted using all of the splash potions in hopes of creating my pvp potion, Death Blow. Unfortunately, due to a bug of some sort, the command in minecraft 1.11.2 will only generate the standard pink drinking potion. It will not render as a splash potion for reasons unknown.

Again, I thank you for all of the hard work and effort you put into this website. Keep up the good work!

~Cordially, DarkraiGigan


The "bug" is only a bug in the generator.

The potions damage values were made to either hold data of that color or hold data of a potion in the creative inventory back in the 1.8 update, I think it was both.

However times have changed and the damage value is now the same mechanic as the other original items like sticks or blaze rods, if they are over 1 they're just shown as the "unknown texture" block.

Now, potions are no longer known to have the ability to allow you to make the color exactly what you like. It just takes information of the effect(s) of this potion and blends it into some sort of color that matches that theme. For example the "Speed" effect itself in one potion is usually light blue.

Now the reasons are no longer unknown.

Hopefully I've at least informed you a little bit about this "bug" in the potion generator. Your welcome. smiley


Actually right now the generator will only render potions as the normal untextured item, so you cannot have a potion from the generator which looks like a potion. This is annoying, so if possible could you please try and fix it? Thanks.


You can't: really, you have to make the command again short life online free


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For a way of showing, this is a wonderful place. Thank you for all the hard work that people have done to make this happen; however, it seems that, as of late, that the publisher of the pound cannot generate any different types of potions, besides the standard beverage standard. Indeed was good. I try to use all the production modes in the hopes of creating my own pvp, Pipe Stream.


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