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Marriage has now become an institution across the globe. Though the marriage ceremonies, rituals and practices differ amongst various societies, marriage is considered as a universal culture which means they are present in all societies. Marriage has several functions like identifying children and families. It also regulates the behaviour of various individuals in the society. Across the globe, marriage is considered to be a contract and relationship between the spouses as a mutual obligation.

In most of the countries, the institution of marriage begins on a courtship that ends in a marriage. In many places, the religious authority has to sanction marriage. In India and some other parts of the world, marriages are arranged. The families decide on the couple and the contractual ceremonies take place culminating in marriage.

Study of Astrology

The study of Astrology throws light on the important act of marriage and progeny. Compatibility of the couple can be ascertained from the charts of the individuals. Incompatibility often leads to separation of married couples. While judging the horoscope, the factors to be seen are

Venus the kalatra karaka, the one who is responsible for marriage The 7th house and Lord of 7th house Various planets in the 7th house

Let us now have a look at what happens by the placement of various planets in the 7th house.

Sun in 7th house – gives proud, egoistic and firm minded spouse

Moon – gives a kind, loving, domesticated and one with wavering mind

Mars – temperate, quarrelsome, egoistic, dominating spouse. May give rise to misunderstanding and quarrels

Mercury – quick wit minded and if afflicted bad tempered spouse

Jupiter – good natured spouse with balance of mind leading to generally a happy marriage

Venus – if placed well, then generally happy and the native becomes highly attracted to opposite sex

Rahu and Ketu – gives rise to worst/bad effects

Placement of Lord of 7th

The Lord of the 7th should not occupy dusthanas 6th, 8th and 12th. If 7th house is hemmed between two malefic, then the marriage would be a disaster. If Venus is afflicted by Mars, then the marriage may turn burdensome. If Sun in conjunction with Rahu in 7th, then loss of wealth through other sex. If malefic occupies 4th, 7th and 12th, then the native may not marry.

Venus in 7th gives a blessed marriage. In a woman’s horoscope, the 7th and 8th house plays an important role. If 8th is occupied by malefic like Saturn, it spells trouble. If the Lords of the ascendant and 7th house are placed well, then the person will have early marriage. A similar result will be predicted if benefics are placed in the 2nd and 7th from Lagna, marriage may occur in the dasa of period of planet in 7th house, planet aspecting the 7th house, planet owning the 7th house and Venus period.

Progeny/child birth

5th house is responsible for child birth. Jupiter indicates progeny and 5th Lord also plays a role in child birth. If the 5th house is occupied by a benefic and also aspected by a benefic, then the native will be bestowed with happy children. When 5th house is occupied by a malefic, then the reverse would happen.

The native will be issueless if Jupiter and Lords of 5th and 7th are afflicted. If Saturn, Rahu or Ketu is in the 5th, then there will be delay in children. The number of navamsas gained by Jupiter (moved) will indicate the number of issues. Birth of children may occur during the dasa bukthi of Jupiter and the 5th Lord. However, one has to take a holistic look at the horoscope and then predict marriage and child birth.


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