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The New England Journal of Medicine reported in recent studies that injecting leptin daily for up to a year can lead to decreased appetite and rapid weight loss. The studies included a 9-year-old girl who had a genetic mutation, which did not allow her body to produce the hormone leptin. When the study stage began, this girl weighed 208 pounds, 123 of which was body fat. As a background, none of the traditional weight loss systems, programs, or methods had worked. After a year of treatment with leptin hormone injections , the girl experienced a loss of body fat, equivalent to 36 pounds. Overweight clinics test leptin injections As a test, a study carried out in 6 clinics that treat the problem of obesity, studied the impacts of the hormone leptin to lose weight and lose weight, in a total of 73 overweight women and men. The results, which were published by the Journal Of American Medical Assocaition, indicated that daily leptin injections led patients to lose 15 pounds on average in a time that took only 24 weeks of treatment. In addition, it was reported that the weight lost was 95% of body fat. The variation in the weight lost by each subject was verified individually, in relation to the greater or lesser consumption of leptin. That is, those people who consumed a greater amount of leptin a day, managed to lose more weight. It must be established that all the individuals who underwent this study, simultaneously followed at least one diet to lose weight, the results indicated that the group of patients who did not consume leptin lost an average weight of 3.75 pounds in one 6 month time. Among the conclusions of the research is that the impact of the diets was not significant, since those patients who did consume the hormone leptin, during the same period of time, achieved a higher weight loss, estimated at almost five times more than kilos removed.

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