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One of biggest problems I've seen is when the bad apple brokers create a "sense of urgency" to enter a commodity position. Maybe they mean well, but this contagious emotional state simply mucks up the calm, collected attitude we need to trade well. Taken to an extreme, it can be commission driven. A few broker's goals go something like: commissions first, making clients money second, and account survival third.

They have it backwards. It should be account survival first, making clients money second and commissions third. If the commodity futures or options account does not survive, then there is no way to make money or produce commissions. But if the account survives, it has a chance to make money. If it makes money, then commissions naturally follow.

By putting the client's survival and making 期指教學 money first and second, commissions become the broker's reward. This commodity broker will get referrals and build a business that can last. The alternative is a revolving door and endless problems.