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Ok so I have Windows 10 edition as most should if your a Java user and when I type in a command say /give @p iron_helmet 1 0 {ench:[{id:0,lvl:10},{id:1,lvl:5},{id:3,lvl:5},{id:4,lvl:5},{id:5,lvl:5},{id:6,lvl:5}],Unbreakable:1} I get the error Line 1 Column 2 missing. How and why is it like that. and how do I correct it


Windows 10 editing is not compatible fully as window7 was. If you have been struggling with to handle those problems you must switch to the older version of window. When Our team of developers were working on pure forskolin extract website we faced many problems but when we switched to the previous version. It solved all the problems we used to face while working on the project.