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Cash App monitors the users' account for the activity that looks unnatural. If there is anything, which looks fraudulent, the Cash App cancels the payment to prevent the user from being charged. The fund is refunded instantly to the Cash App account or linked bank account. It may take 1 to 3 business days to reflect in the account.

Now, the question is whether Cash App refund the money if the users are scammed or not? The answer is No.

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If the users met with an incident where money is lost due to a scam, it would be tough to get cash app money back. However, in such cases, users must report the matter with Cash App support. However, one should take the following measures to prevent from being scammed on

· Never send payment to an unknown person. · Send money to the trusted people only. · Always verify the details of the recipient before confirming the payment. · Never fall into the trap of scammer and do not send money without knowing the person. · Don't share your OTP or Card details with anyone

Unfortunately, if you met with an incident, and got scammed, being a responsible Cash App user, report the matter with Cash App Live support.