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Out of curiosity, did anyone else experience video (or other) issues after the installation of Security Update 2017-001 for Sierra 10.12.6? I have on both my 2012 iMac and 2011 Mac Mini. iMac Security update installed together with iTunes & Safari updates. Rebooted as expected, “fat” progress bar after rebooting, reboot again, thin progress bar after 2nd reboot, saw usual BG image behind login fields but never the uname/pw fields, 20-30 seconds later both the internal display and my DP-connected external monitor went blank but the machine remained powered on. Mini Security update installed by itself. Basically the same behavior as the iMac. The only difference was after the 2nd reboot the Apple logo & progress bar went away leaving just the light gray BG color behind them. Then the single HDMI-connected display (AV receiver->TV) went blank. I never saw the usual blue-green BG color I normally do behind the uname/pw fields. Troubleshooting Let Mini sit for maybe 5-7 minutes then Unplugged/reconnected HDMI cable. No change. Held down power button and rebooted into safe mode. Seemed fine. Rebooted again and machine appears to be normal. App store re-opened as expected after a restart-required update and showed the security update as being installed. I have not yet done anything with the iMac.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.


It seems more likely a permissions error. Try getting your original Sierra as close to perfect as you can. Also check that SIP is fully disabled. My settings are BooterConfig=0x28 CSRActiveCfg=0x67 pay to do college homework Update installation went perfectly smoothly.


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Apple has distributed an official help report for Mac clients delineating website design sharjah how to fix the record sharing usefulness in macOS 10.13.1 after the establishment of the Security Update.


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