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I recently received a new update for minecraft on my nintendo switch. Before I received the update, I was able to sign into my xbox account on my switch through the game. All I had to do was click the sign-in button on the left part of my screen, wait for it to connect, and then play. All my login information (email and password) were saved to my game and switch. Now, I don't stay logged in and there is no option for me to sign in to my xbox account on my switch. If I want to be connected to my account, I am forced to use a remote login. It's tedious and a hassle to have to pull up the remote login URL on my computer, enter the code, enter my password, and wait for it to connect. I just want to be able to sign in once and stay signed in. Having to sign in using a remote login over and over every single time I want to play minecraft is frustrating. What happened? Is there any way I can fix it? Is this permanent? Is this because of mojang? Please help. And yes, I have checked the forums and help center links already- none of the information provided has worked.