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Hello everyone, I’m Carl Johnson and today I come with another great article. In this article I am going to tell you to top 10 GTA San Andreas cheats for Cars, How to Unlock Outfits, How to Unlock Girlfriend’s Cars and many more…

Top 10 Secret Cheats of Vehicles in GTA San Andreas

These are the best car (vehicles) of San Andreas excluding – tank cheats code, boat cheats, etc…


How to Unlock Outfits in San Andreas

• Racing Outfit – Much like above date and go Michelle to 100 percent • Gimp Suit – Should you finish the mission “The secret to her soul" you eventually get this Outfit? • Pimp Suit – Move and date Denise to 100 percent • Overall’s Outfit – Date Helena to 100% • Medic Uniform – Move and date Katie to 100 percent • Police Uniform – Move and date Barbara to 100 percent • Valet Uniform – “555-WE-TIP” complete this mission • Croupier Uniform – “Breaking the bank at Caligula’s” go and complete this mission


• If You Would like to allow 20% additional health, then You've Got to finish level-12 of the paramedic mission • If you want to enable AK-47, Molotov Cocktails, Sawn-Off Shotgun to spawn in Carl Johnson the family house then completes all 100 tags in Lan Santos. • For Jet Pack – End the Airstip advantage near LV • If you'd like to enable fireproof, then proceed and finish degree no 12 of those fighter assignments. • Dune Buggy -- Create the dent 25 at the Dirt Ring • For superb GT -- Attain all bronze medal out of forcing school • For Hotknife -- Attain all gold medal in the driving school • For Rustler -- Attain all bronze medal from pilot college • For Hotring racer – Win first place in 8 track

How to Unlock Girlfriend’s Cars Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

  1. Police Ranger – At 50 percent date Barbara
  2. Green Hustler – At 50 percent date Denise
  3. Monster Truck – At 50 percent date Michelle
  4. Pink Club – At 50 percent date Millie
  5. White Romero – At 50 percent date Katie
  6. Bandito – Go and Date Helena

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