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Today, mobile phones are a one-stop-shop for all of us. Some apps and websites are our go-to sources for every search. When launching these apps in the global world for multilingual audiences, the use of software localization services becomes a must for app developers. However, there is a traditional method, the Month-Over-Month (MOM) growth metric, that portrays app localization as a hidden tool for achieving worldwide success and bringing a surge in revenue generation.

In simple words, app localization is like an additional topping over your app that ensures everyone understands how awesome it is. Want to find out about this MOM strategy that sounds so fun and interesting? So let's delve into this read and know more about it.

Explaining the Month-Over-Month (MOM) Strategy

It is a strategy that focuses on achieving a consistent and most importantly, measuring growth in a key metric over a fixed period, monthly. It may sound like an old approach but it proves to be fruitful for mobile apps as it helps keep track of progress. It also helps in identifying what is working to improve user engagement and acquisition on these apps.

With the help of the MOM strategy, you get a clear picture of your app's health. You get to know, are users steadily increasing? Is engagement dropping or not? This data lets you identify trends and adjust your strategy accordingly. A high MOM growth rate showcases a winning formula. It helps app developers analyze what is driving their app and how they can replicate those factors to further enhance user engagement.

MOM Growth Formula

The formula for measuring MOM growth is as follows:

MOM Growth = ((Current Month Value - Previous Month Value) / Previous Month Value) * 100

It also allows you to compare the performance of your app with your rival’s. You can also analyze your app’s performance against your historical data. This process helps you stay ahead of the curve and adjust your marketing efforts for optimal results. You got the idea of MOM strategy, so now let's focus on app localization

Keeping Your App On the Rise

The MOM strategy answers questions like, are users spending more time on your app? Or, is your user base enhancing steadily? This strategy reveals these trends and allows you to refine your approach for continuous improvement.

App Localization: The Secret Weapon You Didn't Know You Had

Mobile app localization services behave as fuel in MOM growth. It makes your app accessible in new languages and different cultural contexts. It allows your app to tap into previously unreachable audiences. Localization of apps gives your app a familiar touch from the audience’s point of view which enhances in-app interactions.

App Store Domination

Localized apps are like magnets in the App Store. They attract users who are searching in their native language. This translates to higher organic downloads and better visibility. One more thing to notice here is that efficiently localized apps are more likely to be discovered by users. In this way, app developers can track the progress of their apps monthly through the MOM approach.

Expanding Your Consumers

Users appreciate the effort put into catering to their language and cultural preferences. This builds trust and expands your consumer base to international markets. Here software localization services address regional preferences by localizing user interfaces of apps and also take care of cultural factors. So software localization plays an integral part in app expansion.

Final Words - Go & Unlock Your App’s True Capacity

So what are you waiting for? Utilize app localization services. It will not only help you enter new markets but also build credibility among foreign audiences. With the month-over-month strategy, you can monthly track the progress of your app. It will show you whether your app is in demand or losing its users. Hence, you can implement strategies to enhance the number of downloads and stay in the global market for a longer time.