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Most-Anticipated Games 2023 Hogwarts Legacy - 1.23 million searches Starfield - 540,000 searches Diablo four - 301,000 searches Sons of the Forest - 224,000 searches Baldur's Gate three - 206,000 searches Forspoken - 192,000 searches The Day Before - 187,000 searches Blue Protocol - 185,000 searches Resident Evil four - 161,000 searches The Legend of Zelda.

Third location went to Diablo four, at the same time as fourth location went to horror survival sequel Sons of the Forest. Fifth location went to Baldur's Gate three, the lengthy-awaited 0.33 access withinside the conventional RPG franchise it really is presently in improvement at Larian Studios. Square Enix's new IP Forspoken nabbed the 6th spot, while horror MMO The Day Before controlled to get the 7th spot.

Blue Protocol, a recreation that become simply freshly introduced at The Game Awards, took 8th location. The pretty-expected Resident Evil four remake were given 9th location, while tenth location become reputedly a tie among The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Ark 2.

Some game enthusiasts can be scratching their heads at those effects, however there are in reality flaws with the method that would have skewed matters. For instance, the statistics become accrued on December 19, so video games that have been these days promoted at The Game Awards had a extra threat of being searched on Google.

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