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Presenting... the Spell Book... the most incredibly overpowered weapon you've ever seen...

Become a wizard now! The book includes lots of cool attack and support spells and is good for survival. Why wait? Copy, paste and try it!

PS: None of the attack spells affect other players. They only harm other mobs. Support spells give good effects to yourself.

There are 2 versions of the spell book. The 2nd one which is in the box below is the normal book witch is pretty OP.

This is the legendary spell book, which is a buffed up SUPER OP version of the book with stronger spells, get it here:

/give @p minecraft:written_book 1 0 {author:"CrazyScientist89",title:"Legendary Spell Book",pages:["{text:\"- Meteorstorm -   \",bold:\"true\",italic:\"true\",color:\"gold\",clickEvent:{action:\"run_command\",value:\"/execute @e[type=!Player,r=24] ~ ~ ~ summon Arrow ~ ~4 ~ {Fire:10000, damage: 16.0, pickup: 2}\"},extra:[{text:\"- Super Nuke -\",bold:\"true\",italic:\"true\",color:\"dark_green\",clickEvent:{action:\"run_command\",value:\"/summon Creeper ~ ~ ~ {powered:1,ignited:1,ExplosionPower:7,Fuse:50}\"},extra:[{text:\"     - Ultra Shield - \",bold:\"true\",italic:\"true\",color:\"red\",clickEvent:{action:\"run_command\",value:\"/effect @p absorption 40 6\"},extra:[{text:\" - Summon Golem - \",bold:\"true\",italic:\"true\",color:\"gray\",clickEvent:{action:\"run_command\",value:\"/summon VillagerGolem ~ ~ ~ {PlayerCreated:1,HealF:8}\"}}]},{text:\"- Hyper Charge - \",bold:\"true\",italic:\"true\",color:\"blue\",clickEvent:{action:\"run_command\",value:\"/effect @p speed 8 7\"},extra:[{text:\"\",bold:\"false\",italic:\"false\"}]},{text:\"- Mega Frost -   \",bold:\"true\",italic:\"true\",color:\"aqua\",clickEvent:{action:\"run_command\",value:\"/effect @e[r=14,type=!Player] slowness 14 3\"},extra:[{text:\"- Wither Bane -   \",bold:\"true\",italic:\"true\",color:\"dark_gray\",clickEvent:{action:\"run_command\",value:\"/effect @e[r=16,type=!Player] wither 6 3\"}},{text:\"- Hurricane -     \",bold:\"true\",italic:\"true\",color:\"dark_aqua\",clickEvent:{action:\"run_command\",value:\"/execute @e[type=!Player,r=10] ~ ~ ~ tp @e[type=!Player,r=10] ~ ~9.25 ~\"}}]}]},{text:\"- Time Rift -\",bold:\"true\",italic:\"true\",color:\"dark_purple\",clickEvent:{action:\"run_command\",value:\"/time add 8500\"}}]}"]}

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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