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Before I start, this is my first one command I am uploading here.
Please don't shout at me even I am doing something wrong, or my command is very bad.
Also, the description is going to be very long, so you might want to skip some (or all) of it.

Anyways, this simple command creation generates a simple structure that counts scores of players based on how many kills and deaths they have.

The formula is >max(kills-deaths, 0);<. This means using this creation to count the score is much fairer than just using the kills as scores;

let's say there is A with 16 kills and 46 deaths, B with 14 kills and 25 deaths, and C with 11 kills and 0 deaths.

While A would win if the kills are used as scores, C would win if this command creation was to be used instead.

How do I use this?

To use this command, follow the steps below:

1. Make sure you don't have objectives called score, scoredummy, deaths and kills since these objectives are used by my creation.

2. Run the command somewhere wide and hidden in your world.

3. The players' scores would be stored in the "score" objective!

Optional Stuff

You might want to change the minimum kill deadline type of thing by changing the 5 in the "scoreboard players set db deaths 5" depending on the maximum score of your game.

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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