en1.8/giveZaubertränkeLeaching Potion by entity_null minecraft avatar entity_null

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeMLG Potion of NOSCOPE by awesome09 minecraft avatar awesome09

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeSuper potion!! by jamesdane minecraft avatar jamesdane

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeVenegade by clawsomewolfdog0 minecraft avatar clawsomewolfdog0

en1.10+/giveZaubertränkeTROLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLL by shadowsorcerer minecraft avatar shadowsorcerer

en1.6+/giveZaubertränkeSplash Potion of Invincibility by imagineer23 minecraft avatar imagineer23

en1.11.2/giveZaubertränkeHEHEHEHE by elytrarocketer minecraft avatar elytrarocketer

enALL/giveZaubertränkeEpic Instant Regen Potion by je3ly minecraft avatar je3ly

en1.9/giveZaubertränkeZeus' Beer by nekocubes minecraft avatar nekocubes

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeLegendary unlucky Potion by creep minecraft avatar creep

en1.12/giveZaubertränkeStealth Mode by darkpip minecraft avatar darkpip

en1.8 - 1.12.2/giveZaubertränkeSUPER AWESOME POTION by progamer524 minecraft avatar progamer524

en1.12.2/giveZaubertränkeApple Juice!! by golden_money minecraft avatar golden_money

en1.12.2/giveZaubertränkejumpy by arinoodle minecraft avatar arinoodle

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeHercules Potion by jay10j9 minecraft avatar jay10j9

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeTorture Potion by char minecraft avatar char

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeBasic Potion [Use For RPG Servers Or Custom Maps] by noah6554xp5 minecraft avatar noah6554xp5

en1.8+/giveZaubertränkeTHE UNLUCKIEST POTION EVER!!!!! by mutoplaysmc minecraft avatar mutoplaysmc

de1.8/giveZaubertränkeSuper guter trang by hirobrein minecraft avatar hirobrein

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeBillys beer by mr_chillyfeather minecraft avatar mr_chillyfeather

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeReal Lucky Potion by foidzaflow minecraft avatar foidzaflow

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeMiserable Potion by sir_sheep_iii minecraft avatar sir_sheep_iii

en1.8+/effectZaubertränkesuper speed! by mr_eth minecraft avatar mr_eth

en1.7.X, 1.8.X/giveZaubertränkeSugar Rush Potion by thegod303 minecraft avatar thegod303

en1.8/giveZaubertränkefun troll potion by 8jorn minecraft avatar 8jorn

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeOP Life by demonrages minecraft avatar demonrages

en1.8/giveZaubertränkedoom potion by blaze_22 minecraft avatar blaze_22

en1.9/giveZaubertränke99.9% CAFFENE by epicspacepig_20 minecraft avatar epicspacepig_20

en1.9+/giveZaubertränkeMCmike7 New Potion by mcmike7 minecraft avatar mcmike7

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeNoob potion by awesome_penguin6 minecraft avatar awesome_penguin6

enVersion with Command Block/giveZaubertränkeThe Troll Potion by lightning_aqua minecraft avatar lightning_aqua

en1.10/giveZaubertränkeHorror potion by dyzio_gamer minecraft avatar dyzio_gamer

en1.10.2+/giveZaubertränkeleap??????????????! by bata2009yolo minecraft avatar bata2009yolo

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeRigjuice by clawsomewolfdog0 minecraft avatar clawsomewolfdog0

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeopopopop potion by char minecraft avatar char

enThe Newest Version /giveZaubertränkeGlass Of Milk by superalex25 minecraft avatar superalex25

en1.9/giveZaubertränkeBrew of the dead by nekocubes minecraft avatar nekocubes

en1.12/giveZaubertränkeunlucky potion by gamerman109 minecraft avatar gamerman109

en1.12.2/giveZaubertränkeSuperior Potion by jacobhe minecraft avatar jacobhe

en1.12.2/giveZaubertränkeApple Juice! by golden_money minecraft avatar golden_money

en1.8/setblockZaubertränkeRedskin by redrock105 minecraft avatar redrock105

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeLucky Drinking Potion Command by happystalkerxxx minecraft avatar happystalkerxxx

en1.16.5/giveZaubertränkesanic potion by fas24c12f minecraft avatar fas24c12f

ensnapshot 15w31a and above/giveZaubertränkeI present to you, Potion of Levitation!! by ordinaryotto minecraft avatar ordinaryotto

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeDeath By Rule. by universaldashie minecraft avatar universaldashie

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeOP Potion/OP Trank by crazycow64 minecraft avatar crazycow64

en1.6.4+/giveZaubertränkedo not drink by bradyredstoneman minecraft avatar bradyredstoneman

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeOp sea water by minislimer minecraft avatar minislimer

en1.8/giveZaubertränkePotion of Trolling by steve the player minecraft avatar steve the player

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeWitch Potion by fadnad minecraft avatar fadnad