en1.8/giveZaubertränkeBloody Hell by drummerfor440 minecraft avatar drummerfor440

en1.11/giveZaubertränkeMTN DEW by spideykel minecraft avatar spideykel

en1.8/giveZaubertränkehulkbuster potion by xtheescapistx minecraft avatar xtheescapistx

en1.9/giveZaubertränkeHulk potion 1.9 by renevanvlodrop minecraft avatar renevanvlodrop

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeLong death by minecrafterwar9 minecraft avatar minecrafterwar9

en1.9, 1.10, 1.11, snapshot 1.12/giveZaubertränkeFlying [levitation] potion by musicmatters minecraft avatar musicmatters

en1.8.4/summonZaubertränkeLIGHTNING!!! by masonnotch06 minecraft avatar masonnotch06

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeHappy :) Syrup by neonzjammer minecraft avatar neonzjammer

deEgal welche Version/giveZaubertränke[GERMAN] Nützliche Trank von MissCaitlyn by misscaitlyn minecraft avatar misscaitlyn

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeTroll Potion 2.0 by angelrutehd minecraft avatar angelrutehd

en1.11.2/giveZaubertränkeAlcohol/Beer by jandthejuls minecraft avatar jandthejuls

en(Designed for 1.8)/giveZaubertränkeSanic Potion! by chaosblast23 minecraft avatar chaosblast23

en1.8.x/giveZaubertränkeGod Apple Juice! by slimeemperor minecraft avatar slimeemperor

en1.11.2/summonZaubertränkePOTION TRADER by gacabam minecraft avatar gacabam

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeSplash Potion Of Milk by witherofmc minecraft avatar witherofmc

en1.9/setblockZaubertränkecool potion that kills anyone it hits by supertrick minecraft avatar supertrick

en1.0-1.11/giveZaubertränkeSwiftness 2 by bestlevelmaker minecraft avatar bestlevelmaker

en1.8/effectZaubertränkeKILL ANYTHING WITH YOU FIST IN ONE HIT!!! just not the endy dragon by loud_cloud minecraft avatar loud_cloud

en1.8/giveZaubertränke"Good Potion" by godzillalord999 minecraft avatar godzillalord999

en1.8/giveZaubertränkePower Of Awesomeness by datpiggypig minecraft avatar datpiggypig

en1.8/summonZaubertränkeSUPER GOD POTION! In one command! by stamp66 minecraft avatar stamp66

en1.8/giveZaubertränkevery op potion by jacobtb2004 minecraft avatar jacobtb2004

enI don't care/summonZaubertränkeENDERMAN POTION by thegod303 minecraft avatar thegod303

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeSonic potion!!! by ethangamertvfan minecraft avatar ethangamertvfan

en1.8.1/giveZaubertränke ~ ~ ~ by char minecraft avatar char

en1.7.2/giveZaubertränkeninja by mrsilvio minecraft avatar mrsilvio

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeNausea Gas by angelrutehd minecraft avatar angelrutehd

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeGod Potion V1.0 by lucaslol2 minecraft avatar lucaslol2

en1.8.8/giveZaubertränkeHyper potion command!! by dakari009 minecraft avatar dakari009

enVersions: 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, All 1.11 snapshots after 16w32a/giveZaubertränkeGood -invisibility Drinkible by hotdog640 minecraft avatar hotdog640

de1.7.10-(1.9?)/giveZaubertränkeDie SUPER POTION by itsstepigo minecraft avatar itsstepigo

en1.0-1.11/giveZaubertränkeOP POTION(NEVER DIE) by bestlevelmaker minecraft avatar bestlevelmaker

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeThe Flash potion by redneckruby minecraft avatar redneckruby

en1.10+/summonZaubertränkeBE IMMORTAL! by firegod minecraft avatar firegod

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeTitle by char minecraft avatar char

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeSpeedHack by mirolsavpro minecraft avatar mirolsavpro

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeTitle by char minecraft avatar char

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeGOD POTION! by sup3rdr4k3 minecraft avatar sup3rdr4k3

en1.9/giveZaubertränkeBlood Potion of Doom by quillzzz minecraft avatar quillzzz

de1.7.10/giveZaubertränkeMLG Saft by herocraft_hd minecraft avatar herocraft_hd

en1.8/setblockZaubertränkeepic fireball by zanderbuddy06@gmail.com minecraft avatar zanderbuddy06@gmail.com

en1.8.1/giveZaubertränkeDon’t pick this Bro by char minecraft avatar char

en1.10.2/giveZaubertränkeStorm Residue by xsaurqnpvp minecraft avatar xsaurqnpvp

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeOP Carrot Juice by crundeenator minecraft avatar crundeenator

en1.8/giveZaubertränkebeer!!! of doom by fantastic_mr_e minecraft avatar fantastic_mr_e

en1.8.X/giveZaubertränkeHULK SMASH Potion by gummpumpkin55 minecraft avatar gummpumpkin55

en1.9+ & 1.10+/giveZaubertränkeMiners' Potion [Drink in Creative] by alg611 minecraft avatar alg611

en1.8.1/summonZaubertränkeNEW COrjhejr by char minecraft avatar char

de1.8/giveZaubertränkeOP Poition !!!!!! !!!!!! by itzc2b__ minecraft avatar itzc2b__

en1.8.7/giveZaubertränkeThe Super Potion by ajgame minecraft avatar ajgame