en1.8/summonAnderesMinecraft - Dungeon Generator with only one command! | Vanilla One Command Creation by djp006 minecraft avatar djp006

en1.8.7/summonAnderesDriveable Cars by aspect103 minecraft avatar aspect103

en1.8/giveAnderesCake Head by clyne minecraft avatar clyne

en1.8/giveAnderesChest head by danedoo minecraft avatar danedoo

en1.8/summonAnderesRainbow Firework by cox121 minecraft avatar cox121

en1.9 and newer/setblockAnderesFlame particles by puzzlΞnjoy minecraft avatar puzzlΞnjoy

en1.8/summonAnderesadd DanTDM in your world by j_flame minecraft avatar j_flame

en1.8/effectAnderesOP strength 225 potion effect by megatrollface minecraft avatar megatrollface

en1.8/summonAnderesRace Boat by teamswags minecraft avatar teamswags

en1.12/tellrawAnderes"Herobrine joined the game" - UPDATED EDITION! by beargryllsgamer minecraft avatar beargryllsgamer

en1.8/fillAnderesX-ray vision by deathdragon7 minecraft avatar deathdragon7

en1.8/giveAnderesTBNRfrags head by thegamingfox minecraft avatar thegamingfox

en1.8/summonAnderesCASTLE! by sheep_stone minecraft avatar sheep_stone

en1.8/summonAnderesONLY 1 COMMAND: The Fantastic Four! by deadpanlemur minecraft avatar deadpanlemur

en+1.8/testforAnderesMy Thing by lordgoldstone minecraft avatar lordgoldstone

en1.8+/summonAnderesBob Boss by ferdiecaburnay minecraft avatar ferdiecaburnay

en1.7.10 command bllock only /xpAnderesMinecraft Xp hack by hubcraft minecraft avatar hubcraft

enI do not know? Use in 1.8 just in-case./summonAnderesfarts by ordinaryotto minecraft avatar ordinaryotto

en1.8/giveAnderesRune-Carved Bone by damianhawk66 minecraft avatar damianhawk66

en1.8/giveAnderesAwsome Fireworks by fantastic_mr_e minecraft avatar fantastic_mr_e

de1.8/giveAnderesHaus by base55 minecraft avatar base55

enhave a /summon command/summonAnderesArmorStand Have NO GRAVITY AND WITH ARMS!!! Only 1 CMD by mahmoudftw minecraft avatar mahmoudftw

en1.8/FallingAnderesraining sand by scarponi19 minecraft avatar scarponi19

en1.8/summonAnderesWitchery Mod by swampy man minecraft avatar swampy man

en1.7 and beyond/blockdataAnderesCommand to lock storage containers. by bak_bakbak minecraft avatar bak_bakbak

en1.10/executeAnderescool particles by mossymobspawner minecraft avatar mossymobspawner

en1.8/summonAnderesStarter House in a command by jvssmith minecraft avatar jvssmith

en1.8/summonAnderesJuggernaut For 1.8+ by shroototem minecraft avatar shroototem

en1.8.7/summonAnderesEasy creative by truecp5 minecraft avatar truecp5

en1.8/summonAnderesminecraft flat world slime controller by thebiggamesxx minecraft avatar thebiggamesxx

en1.8/giveAnderesender eye by happymoocow31 minecraft avatar happymoocow31

en1.9.4/summonAnderesblood bending in one command by superminer890 by superminer890 minecraft avatar superminer890

en1.12.X ONLY/summonAnderesCruise Boat Items In A Only One Command For 1.12.X Only by vampire0168 minecraft avatar vampire0168

en1.8/summonAnderesAwesome Monokuma pixel art! (INSTANT) by prussian minecraft avatar prussian

en1.8/FIRSTAnderesMINI ME (FIXED) by pikazard123 minecraft avatar pikazard123

en1.8.9/mansionAnderesmansion 1.8.9 by madi minecraft avatar madi

enONLY 1.9 and up/setblockAnderesaxeally i dont know by comand_block:inpulse minecraft avatar comand_block:inpulse

en1.8/giveAnderesDEESESOUS CHEEKAN by superfrostymmos minecraft avatar superfrostymmos

de1.8/BuildAnderesbuild tnt by geromethekiller minecraft avatar geromethekiller

fr1.8/enjoyAnderesSoon -> A French traduction for the website ! by piroli minecraft avatar piroli

en1.9 , 1.9.1 , 1.9.2/giveAnderesGod Sword (p.s AWSOME!!!) USE COMMAND BLOCK by quadelpop2 minecraft avatar quadelpop2

en1.9 + /summonAnderesCrawling by slayer65 minecraft avatar slayer65

de1.8/summonAnderesVillager shop by cherrykidz minecraft avatar cherrykidz

en1.8/summonAnderesWater Wizarding What-nots by abccreeper minecraft avatar abccreeper

en1.8/giveAnderesBaseball by danedoo minecraft avatar danedoo

en1.8/justAnderesHotel By Karnage953 by karnage953 minecraft avatar karnage953

en1.9+/summonAnderesTNT thingy boss fight! by mhf_tnt2 minecraft avatar mhf_tnt2

en1.8/summonAnderesWIERDEST ARMOR STAND EVER by gardnerfam minecraft avatar gardnerfam

en1.8/giveAnderesHorseHead-cool guy with blue glasses by horsehead minecraft avatar horsehead

en1.8/setblockAnderesThe spawning chest by zabinthecyndaqui minecraft avatar zabinthecyndaqui