en1.8/summonMechanismsTONS OF SECURITY ONE COMMAND!!!!!!!!! TRY IT!!!! by zippymagician minecraft avatar zippymagician

en1.8.9/giveSignsbecome invincible by nethercape minecraft avatar nethercape

en1.9/tellrawMechanismsAnnouncement Command by char minecraft avatar char

en1.8, 1.9/giveTools & WeaponsLucky Pickaxe! by zippymagician minecraft avatar zippymagician

en1.9/giveTutorialslucky block 1.9 no cheat!!! by lubo_bg minecraft avatar lubo_bg

en1.8/summonVillager ShopsThe Villager Of Uncraftable! by justinbustin minecraft avatar justinbustin

en1.11.2/giveArmorInvincible armour by lightningdecker3 minecraft avatar lightningdecker3

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsTNT Staff by chichichima minecraft avatar chichichima

en1.8/summonMobs & PetsHerobrine No mods by 1.8 minecraft genuis minecraft avatar 1.8 minecraft genuis

en1.8.4/summonOtherFlying Boat by dj_pops minecraft avatar dj_pops

en1.8/summonMobs & PetsHerobrine Boss Fight - Only One Command by iextreme minecraft avatar iextreme

en/setblockChest setsCannot/Hard to get it chest by tehme minecraft avatar tehme

en1.8/NicerBooksBook by enderman_hd0 minecraft avatar enderman_hd0

en1.8/Command instructionsgives u a cool shape shifting powers no mod by isquid minecraft avatar isquid

en1.8/summonMobs & PetsPet Pig by devintnt minecraft avatar devintnt

en1.11.2/giveTools & WeaponsSpy Axe by din611x minecraft avatar din611x

en/summonMobs & Petskillercreeper by tehme minecraft avatar tehme

en1.8/setblockMechanismsredstone blood spitter by gustiscool commands minecraft avatar gustiscool commands

en1.11+/executeGame modsMORPH MOD IN ONE COMMAND! by matthewthemason minecraft avatar matthewthemason

en1.8.8/giveTools & WeaponsUltimate God Sword Ever Seen! by doctorstrike. minecraft avatar doctorstrike.

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsOverpowered Sword by n_games minecraft avatar n_games

en1.13/{OtherSurvival Games Loot Table by dragon5624 minecraft avatar dragon5624

en1.8/summonGame modsChange in animals! by ajasona minecraft avatar ajasona

en1.8/giveArmorHade's Chestplate by jkrg minecraft avatar jkrg

en1.8+/summonGame modsLightning Spawn Egg In One Command by xxcrazypersonxx minecraft avatar xxcrazypersonxx

en1.8 and higher/giveChest setsCustom Head Chest by captzman minecraft avatar captzman

en1.8/givePotionsOP healing potion by dewforthewin minecraft avatar dewforthewin

en1.8/blockdataOtherInfinite dispenser by snootnoot2 minecraft avatar snootnoot2

en1.9 - 1.10.2/giveBooksBook of Spells! by cyber_0369 minecraft avatar cyber_0369

en1.11.2/summonTools & WeaponsTNT Launcher 1.11 by tobarr_finn minecraft avatar tobarr_finn

en1.11/CommandTools & WeaponsThunder SNOWBURUUU~~~ by derekmc minecraft avatar derekmc

en1.8/giveArmorHULK HEAD by basword minecraft avatar basword

en1.8/summonMobs & PetsMob Spawners For 1.8+ by shroototem minecraft avatar shroototem

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsTerra Blade! by emperorecho minecraft avatar emperorecho

en1.8/givePotionsWater Bottle by floatymoaty minecraft avatar floatymoaty

en1.8/giveArmorFlying Boots by amysiamesecat38 minecraft avatar amysiamesecat38

en1.8/replaceitemArmorbecome BATMAN!! (head first) by dyzio_gamer minecraft avatar dyzio_gamer

en1.8/summonVillager ShopsWeapons And Tool Smith by bob minecraft avatar bob

en1.8/givePotionsCup of coffee by ordinaryotto minecraft avatar ordinaryotto

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsIlluminati Sword by imgalaxyboy minecraft avatar imgalaxyboy

en1.10/summonCommand instructionsTroll Item By Yahdi Ilham by yahd ilham a.k.a [spear craft mc] minecraft avatar yahd ilham a.k.a [spear craft mc]

en1.8/givePotionsPotion Of Herobrine by sky_playz_gamez minecraft avatar sky_playz_gamez

en1.12/giveGame modsSpawn Freddy from Fnaf by sammyhus2 minecraft avatar sammyhus2

en1.8/summonCommand instructionssuper mob arena in one command block by moron involvers minecraft avatar moron involvers

en1.8/giveArmorExecuter Boots (Best Possible Boots) by 4218diamonds2314 minecraft avatar 4218diamonds2314

en1.8.8-1.9.1/giveTools & WeaponsTNT Blade by stevezombieg13 minecraft avatar stevezombieg13

enalpha xD nah 1.8/givePotionsTitlee by sylenzo minecraft avatar sylenzo

en1.8 ~ 1.9/giveBooksBook of Magie by the monster spawner minecraft avatar the monster spawner

en1.8/summonTools & Weapons4 Guns by plutonian3 minecraft avatar plutonian3

en1.9/givePotionsRed Bull, 1.9 only by acemccrank minecraft avatar acemccrank