en1.8/giveTools & Weaponsgods sword by james the minecraft king minecraft avatar james the minecraft king

en1.8/summonVillager ShopsNotch head buyer by char minecraft avatar char

en1.8.8/giveOther itemsCần câu gái by raymon minecraft avatar raymon

en1.8.8/giveBooksgaaam by alexsandrsantarov minecraft avatar alexsandrsantarov

en1.8.8/giveArmorggggg by defy_modz minecraft avatar defy_modz

en1.8/summonTools & WeaponsExplosive fishing rods with only one command! by 2complexxx minecraft avatar 2complexxx

en1.8/summonMobs & PetsBob`s mom boss fight by thehappypiggy1 minecraft avatar thehappypiggy1

en1.8/giveArmorBoots of light by xxx_mlgaming_xxx minecraft avatar xxx_mlgaming_xxx

en1.8 and higher/giveTools & WeaponsOp sword for PVP maps by wolfhunter minecraft avatar wolfhunter

en1.8/summonOtherTnt Snake! by rrabel minecraft avatar rrabel

en1.8/givePotionsButter Potion (An Amazingly Powerful Potion) by diamondslayer245 minecraft avatar diamondslayer245

en1.8/giveArmorGrim Reaper 4 by lorddestruction minecraft avatar lorddestruction

en1.8/giveArmorDiamond Killer Helmet Iustin by arcticwolf265 minecraft avatar arcticwolf265

en1.8/summonArmorthe Labyrinth Villager by pmlaurie2507@gmail.com minecraft avatar pmlaurie2507@gmail.com

en1.8/giveChest setsmod pack by minescratch247 minecraft avatar minescratch247

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsThe Knight's Crown, ONE COMMAND CREATION by sup3rdr4k3 minecraft avatar sup3rdr4k3

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsObsidian Sword Command by char minecraft avatar char

en1.8.+/giveTools & WeaponsOp shears! by pettatogaming minecraft avatar pettatogaming

en1.8/giveOther itemslife diamond by cascraft minecraft avatar cascraft

en1.8/giveSignsGems sing by kidmoto14 minecraft avatar kidmoto14

en1.8/summonVillager Shopsusefull villager name gordan by marcus1031 minecraft avatar marcus1031

en1.8/summonVillager ShopsMinecraft story mode cameo trade by sir_sheep_iii minecraft avatar sir_sheep_iii

en1.8/summonVillager Shopstrading villager by dragonnerd101 minecraft avatar dragonnerd101

en1.8/giveSignsSign command for Kit by evaniaus minecraft avatar evaniaus

en1.8/givePotionskill evreone in your way by gameplayerjw minecraft avatar gameplayerjw

en1.9/setblockPotionsooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh by outlawcalamity minecraft avatar outlawcalamity

en1.8/giveChest setsTroll Chest by thund3rman2 minecraft avatar thund3rman2

en1.8/summonMobs & Pets EPIC GODZILA!!! by enchantedemerald minecraft avatar enchantedemerald

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsShovel Of Dig by jarego98 minecraft avatar jarego98

en1.8/givePotionsthe body by conqu3st minecraft avatar conqu3st

en1.8/setblockMobs & PetsNew mob by Матвей minecraft avatar Матвей

en/summonMobs & PetsHorse Carrying Chest by nerdplayer minecraft avatar nerdplayer

en1.8 and 1.9/giveArmorDave's Helpful Helmet by flame_fury364 minecraft avatar flame_fury364

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsThe Air Sword by _bromide minecraft avatar _bromide

en1.8/replaceitemOtherWear TheDiamondMinecart's Head!!!! by hollyleaf30 minecraft avatar hollyleaf30

en1.8/titleOtherHerobrine is coming for you by pashbad minecraft avatar pashbad

en1.8/summonMobs & PetsMinecraft Hostile Steve by erictcc minecraft avatar erictcc

en1.8/summonChest setsAirdrop WIP by queman minecraft avatar queman

en1.8.8/giveSignsSpecial OP Sword by nghias minecraft avatar nghias

en1.8/giveOther itemsArtwork by wilric04 minecraft avatar wilric04

en1.8/givePotionsMNT DEW by mirolsavpro minecraft avatar mirolsavpro

en1.8/summonVillager ShopsThe Dealer by luckyyyy minecraft avatar luckyyyy

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsMassive tnt world everybody gets severely wounded! by shoeblox minecraft avatar shoeblox

en1.8/executeGame modsIron man in one command! by nohaxjustskiilss minecraft avatar nohaxjustskiilss

en1.8/tellrawOtherNotch Prank (has 3 commands to it) :) by djlj2257 minecraft avatar djlj2257

en1.8/summonArmorPvP Armor set by masterofthetiger minecraft avatar masterofthetiger

en1.8/YEAHHHH!!!!!Mobs & PetsGiant Slime and Giant Lava Slime by kyle minecraft avatar kyle

en1.8 or higher/giveArmorNoob Chestplate by vladik minecraft avatar vladik

en1.8/givePotionsExtracted Adrenaline by drdavin minecraft avatar drdavin

en1.8.9/summonCommand instructionsKvěřinář by umiyaki minecraft avatar umiyaki