en1.9/givePotionsSplash Meh potion #1 by kittymeowzer minecraft avatar kittymeowzer

en1.8/giveArmorThe Emerald Chestplate by forgotten hero minecraft avatar forgotten hero

en1.8/givePotionsSuperman by alexanderlandau minecraft avatar alexanderlandau

en1.9.2/giveSigns090933 by daniel_thompson minecraft avatar daniel_thompson

en1.9.2/summonMobs & PetsPanda by xxstorm_lordxx minecraft avatar xxstorm_lordxx

en1.7+/giveOtherOMG ITS A TNT BLOCK RUNNNNNNNNNNNN by blackholenebula minecraft avatar blackholenebula

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsLegendary Sword By PopularKnight by popularknight minecraft avatar popularknight

en1.8/giveArmorThe worst leather in the history of mankind by vixonitee minecraft avatar vixonitee

en1.8+/giveTools & WeaponsOne hit sword by raspylizard01 minecraft avatar raspylizard01

en1.8/giveChest setsBATTLE GEAR CHEST!!! by bla2fire minecraft avatar bla2fire

enSnapshot 12w06a+/summonOtherViper hiss by redpandaiii minecraft avatar redpandaiii

en1.9+/giveTools & WeaponsLegendary sword of the Dragons by jfordruns155 minecraft avatar jfordruns155

en1.9/hsdgheguebbdgyausudshjhdjyudejewhsxukaikaiisjhdhsdjkfyhiwvuhifCommand instructionsjjjs by ruben_crafter minecraft avatar ruben_crafter

en1.8/givePotionsLittle icepotion by iceskeleton_pvp minecraft avatar iceskeleton_pvp

en1.8+/giveOtherKill al lentitys by stampylongno1yt minecraft avatar stampylongno1yt

en1.8/giveArmorsuper gold armor by rere33 minecraft avatar rere33

en1.8/giveOther itemschest? by pizzabomb2 minecraft avatar pizzabomb2

en1.8/summonMobs & PetsZomBOSS 2000402 by rileyboh minecraft avatar rileyboh

en1.8.9/summonCommand instructionsArmorStand With Arms (Mods) by springgalaxyyt minecraft avatar springgalaxyyt

en1.8/summonMobs & Petsbig zombie by r_rated minecraft avatar r_rated

enany version/herobrineTools & Weaponsherobrine kit by herobro minecraft avatar herobro

en1.10/giveOtherYouTuber Sword by realfg minecraft avatar realfg

en1.8/summonMobs & PetsNewton by the monster spawner minecraft avatar the monster spawner

en1.8/givePotionsVodka Cherry by ender_guy56 minecraft avatar ender_guy56

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsFor a man who already has everything. by admiralhotdog00 minecraft avatar admiralhotdog00

en1.10+/summonVillager ShopsVillager Shop V2 by devinkid1 minecraft avatar devinkid1

en1.10/giveArmorEpic Boots Of The Gods by bberger75 minecraft avatar bberger75

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsLoother by oduasil minecraft avatar oduasil

en1.10/giveArmorObsidian Boots-BobieJamJoe458 by bobiejamjoe458 minecraft avatar bobiejamjoe458

en1.8+/summonMobs & PetsAstro-Laser, The New Beginning by goldengolem360 minecraft avatar goldengolem360

en1.8/summonCommand instructionsHoverboard test old 2014 by thecoder minecraft avatar thecoder

en1.10.2/giveSignsbad signy winey by the_ruby_ruler minecraft avatar the_ruby_ruler

en1.8/summonVillager ShopsMAGICAL BOOK TRADER by olliebear53 minecraft avatar olliebear53

en1.8+/givePotionsUltra Super Potion by angel_red minecraft avatar angel_red

en1.9/1.10X/summonOtherFlower Set. KUBO set coming soon! ONLY ONE COMMAND structure (Very long command) by ninjagong minecraft avatar ninjagong

en16w33a/givePotionsKilling Bomb by mario45 minecraft avatar mario45

en1.8/giveOther itemsFucking arrow by jamesdane minecraft avatar jamesdane

en1.8/giveOthereverything good and bad by itsthetobes minecraft avatar itsthetobes

enWhen enchantments were developed into MC/giveTools & WeaponsGray Undertaker by legomaster1211 minecraft avatar legomaster1211

en1.8/giveTools & WeaponsOp Super Block :D by manuelgullninja minecraft avatar manuelgullninja

en1.8-1.10.2/giveArmorRoyal Guardian Boots by unspeakablegame minecraft avatar unspeakablegame

en1.10/1.9/fillMobs & PetsMob 8 by zabinthecyndaqui minecraft avatar zabinthecyndaqui

en1.10.2/giveArmorStorm Plate by xsaurqnpvp minecraft avatar xsaurqnpvp

en1.8/givePotionsInsta Kill by hotdog640 minecraft avatar hotdog640

en1.8, 1.9, 1.10/givePotionsThe One and Only de-o-double-g by muddy minecraft avatar muddy

en1.10.X/summonArmorEnhanced Armor in only One Command! by redtsch minecraft avatar redtsch

en1.8/giveArmorFire God's Chest by aetherresonant minecraft avatar aetherresonant

en1.10 to 1.11/summonArmorAether Armor Pack- Neptune and Zanite by aetherwarrior minecraft avatar aetherwarrior

en1.8/giveChest setsAyS_Gamer´s PvP Kit by ays_gamer minecraft avatar ays_gamer

en1.8/givePotionsOp Killing Potion by the_+player minecraft avatar the_+player