en1.12-1.12.2/tellrawTutorialsDouble color tellraw by nyitraimate1522 minecraft avatar nyitraimate1522

de1.8/tellrawOtherTellraw to change by legendbasti minecraft avatar legendbasti

enONLY 1.8.9 AND BELOW/tellrawOther"SkythekidRS joined the game" by alpha_virus minecraft avatar alpha_virus

en1.8.9/tellrawMobs & Petsthe command boom by destroyer058 minecraft avatar destroyer058

en1.8.1/tellrawOtherNew Tell Raw by zayan_kiddy minecraft avatar zayan_kiddy

en1.11.2/tellrawOtherWIP Command by thepandagamer71 minecraft avatar thepandagamer71

en1.8/tellrawOtherMinecraft Trolling Command [JEB] by scoutthecat44 minecraft avatar scoutthecat44

en1.8+ /tellrawOtherMEET BLUEWOLF - HE'S GONNA JOIN THE GAME! by dirt minecraft avatar dirt

en1.8/tellrawBooksIt's HER0BRINE by doomboom18 minecraft avatar doomboom18

en1.11.2/tellrawSignsprestonplays joind the game by maddox minecraft avatar maddox

en1.8/tellrawOtherTrollololol by starangel3 minecraft avatar starangel3

en1.8+/tellrawOtherKING WOLF! THIS IS THE FIRST THING U NEED TO BE KING WOLF! by dirt minecraft avatar dirt

de1.12.2/tellrawOtherFake Virus [German,Deutsch] by kingleonhd minecraft avatar kingleonhd

en1.6+ 1.7+ 1.8+ 1.9+ 1.10+/tellrawCommand instructionsHerobrine Generator Joke by Fox4K by fox4k minecraft avatar fox4k

en1.8/tellrawOtherGreen Steve has joined the game by robloxminion33 minecraft avatar robloxminion33

en1.8+/tellrawTutorialsError by creepercraft871_ minecraft avatar creepercraft871_

en1.8+, Not Tested For 1.11/tellrawOtherMagical Text! by goldengolem360 minecraft avatar goldengolem360

en1.8 - 1.9 - 1.9.2/tellrawOtherHey, Im TheChiliMC! by thechilimc minecraft avatar thechilimc

en1.8/tellrawCommand instructionsExecute12498 by anastaziuk minecraft avatar anastaziuk

en1.12.2/tellrawOtherClick Me by superwinner50 minecraft avatar superwinner50

en1.8/tellrawOtherThis..... Is So Random by battleboy15 minecraft avatar battleboy15

en1.12.2/tellrawOtherminecraft troll by lstyle08 minecraft avatar lstyle08

en1.8 1.9 1.10 1.11/tellrawOtherMake A Poem! by nevadie minecraft avatar nevadie

en1.12.2/tellrawOtherAll Colors Tellraw by lukebrine321 minecraft avatar lukebrine321

en1.8/tellrawSignsZabinDaQuil minecraft by zabinthecyndaqui minecraft avatar zabinthecyndaqui

en1.8/tellrawOtherWilliamx2707 joined the game. by williamx2707 minecraft avatar williamx2707

en1.8 /tellrawOtherENTITY 303 JOIN IN THE GAME by kamelijunior minecraft avatar kamelijunior

en1.n00b+/tellrawOthernoob has joined the game by vaughngaminghd minecraft avatar vaughngaminghd

enEVERY!/tellrawMobs & PetsJeb_ by nightpickle minecraft avatar nightpickle

en1.8/tellrawOtherwdadwa by edwinthepro2008 minecraft avatar edwinthepro2008

enAny version over 1.8 | Whenever you do /? and there's no /tellraw command then you're lower than 1.8 | So, 1.8 only, ok?/tellrawTutorialsRainbow /tellraw !!! :D by char minecraft avatar char

en1.8+/tellrawTutorialsPlayer trolling - Part 1 by char minecraft avatar char

en1.8.9/tellrawOtherXD by hahaman minecraft avatar hahaman

enANY/tellrawOtherAphmau joined troll by galaxy_tiger_324 minecraft avatar galaxy_tiger_324

en1.9/tellrawOtherUpdated /tellraw command by nalyk2006 minecraft avatar nalyk2006

enALL VERSIONS/tellrawOtherHeroBrine Prank 1 by freddyfazbear12 minecraft avatar freddyfazbear12

enALL VERSIONS/tellrawOtherHeroBrine Prank 2 by freddyfazbear12 minecraft avatar freddyfazbear12

en1.8 1.9/tellrawCommand instructionsNotch joined the Game by fossos minecraft avatar fossos

en1.8 and more/tellrawOther/- -\ Command by luis_geppert_0815 minecraft avatar luis_geppert_0815

en1.9.4-1.11/tellrawTools & Weaponscrouch by burgerlx minecraft avatar burgerlx

en1.8.8. Maybe.../tellrawOtherHero brine by wonkiestsquid40 minecraft avatar wonkiestsquid40

en1.11/tellrawOtherHerobrine's gonna kill you (Troll your friends) by kennywilliams21 minecraft avatar kennywilliams21

en1.8.8 SERVER/tellrawOtherADMIN CHAT!!!!!!! by joaquin minecraft avatar joaquin

en1.8 - 1.10.2/tellrawOtherI WATCH OVER YOU FOREVER... by chickendude19 minecraft avatar chickendude19

en1.8/tellrawCommand instructionsDetector the player in Chat... by sliwi09 minecraft avatar sliwi09

en1.8/tellrawOtherTroll your friends with this command! by __patrick__ minecraft avatar __patrick__

en1.9+/tellrawOtherObfuscated message by korol1 minecraft avatar korol1

enany :)/tellrawOtherHerobrine has joined the game by dogthatlikesfood minecraft avatar dogthatlikesfood

en1.8/tellrawOthernice command by wepmen_games_yt minecraft avatar wepmen_games_yt

de1.8/tellrawArmorGive head with chat | Köpfe mit Klick auf Text im Chat geben by intaycehd minecraft avatar intaycehd