en1.8/tellrawOtherThe useless command :D by lennon_exteme minecraft avatar lennon_exteme

en1.9+/tellrawOtherSpeaking through command blocks with colors by minesaw8 minecraft avatar minesaw8

en1.12/tellrawOtherFake Ban Message by tailsplayz minecraft avatar tailsplayz

en1.8/tellrawOtherCREEPY CHAT TROLL by big mans 3000 minecraft avatar big mans 3000

en1.8/tellrawOtherTroll you friends, with Notch joining the game/server! by philipflint minecraft avatar philipflint

en1.8/tellrawOtherDid DanTDM join your game? by lewcrew3 minecraft avatar lewcrew3

en1.9/tellrawOther/tellraw by master_mawesome minecraft avatar master_mawesome

en1.12/tellrawOtherHerobrine joined the game! by ryzaman minecraft avatar ryzaman

en1.8/tellrawOtherMinecraft never ending!? by declancraft3019 minecraft avatar declancraft3019

en1.8/tellrawOther"Notch joined the game." by cybernova minecraft avatar cybernova

en1.13/tellrawOther"Herobrine has joined the game" 1.13 by shadowblstr the ninja minecraft avatar shadowblstr the ninja

enall/tellrawBookstroolololololololololololol book by osaubi minecraft avatar osaubi

en.../tellrawOtherCheat Tricks by trollolloll minecraft avatar trollolloll

en1.10 1.11/tellrawOtherWrite The Text You Want Without The [@] by ryoman minecraft avatar ryoman

enALL VERSIONS!/tellrawOtherThe Eye Of Cthulhu Has Awoken! by goldengolem360 minecraft avatar goldengolem360

en1.8/tellrawCommand instructionsprank your friends by stargames minecraft avatar stargames

en1.11.2/tellrawCommand instructionscool skin). by levibring@gmail.com minecraft avatar levibring@gmail.com

en1.8/tellrawCommand instructionsHow To Go To Your Youtube using command block by hiddenrainbow minecraft avatar hiddenrainbow

en1.8+/tellrawBooksBook Made by Minecraftjson.com (pls test it) thanks!! by newgirlgamerella minecraft avatar newgirlgamerella

en1.13+/tellrawOtherULTIMATE SERVER TROLL!!!! 1.13+!!! by teddybearrr minecraft avatar teddybearrr

en1.8/tellrawOtherColorful chat! by prankenstein minecraft avatar prankenstein

en1.8/tellrawOtherakjdbwidbikawbhdwibd by tomglorburg minecraft avatar tomglorburg

en1.8/tellrawOtherherobrne by benostrin minecraft avatar benostrin

en1.8/tellrawOtherTROLL by shadow_xd minecraft avatar shadow_xd

en1.9+/tellrawMobs & Petsherobrine has joined the damn game by shrek202 minecraft avatar shrek202

en1.8/tellrawOtherNOTCH JOINED THE GAME ???? by dancowminecrafter123 minecraft avatar dancowminecrafter123

en1.8/tellrawOtherMy server adress... IN A COMMAND! by nohaxjustskiilss minecraft avatar nohaxjustskiilss

en1.8/tellrawMobs & PetsOres and Items Spell Book by jvssmith minecraft avatar jvssmith

en1.12/tellrawOtherCreep out your friends by farrahrocks9 minecraft avatar farrahrocks9

en1.8/tellrawCommand instructionsXp Drain One Command by mooodi minecraft avatar mooodi

en1.8/tellrawOtherHi everyone by the king minecraft avatar the king

en1.8,1.9,/tellrawOthero=(===> Player-Join-Massage Fake <===)=o by dernepper minecraft avatar dernepper

de1.8,1.9/tellrawOthero=(===> "[SPIELERNAME] hat das Spiel Betreten" FLÄSCHEN!!!<===)=o by dernepper minecraft avatar dernepper

en1.9/tellrawTutorialsHow Do Make A Particle by elmaskafa minecraft avatar elmaskafa

endunno/tellrawOtherMy youtube channel by mentoskylerprime minecraft avatar mentoskylerprime

en1.8/tellrawOtherMinion joined in the game by superbo minecraft avatar superbo

de1.8/tellrawSignsMinecraft Chat troll Command by letsplaycraft123 minecraft avatar letsplaycraft123

en1.9/tellrawOther"You Rock :)" in minecraft 1.9! by justinbustin minecraft avatar justinbustin

en1.8.9/tellrawOtherMINECRAFT IN DA HOOD!! by tim_d1165 minecraft avatar tim_d1165

en1.10+/tellrawSignsgame hacked prank by diego77772020 minecraft avatar diego77772020

en1.9/tellrawOtherNotch... by 2legodude minecraft avatar 2legodude

en1.8/tellOthertroll to everyone by greatgamer5001 minecraft avatar greatgamer5001

enAll/tellrawGame modsWho isn't that by si3drogon9 minecraft avatar si3drogon9

en1.8/tellrawScoreboardSoldatos joined the game. by soldatos minecraft avatar soldatos

enAll/tellrawGame modsHillary clinton joined the game by si3drogon9 minecraft avatar si3drogon9

en1.12.2/tellrawCommand instructionsMartin_Janek has joined the game by martinek007 minecraft avatar martinek007

en1.8/tellrawOther''Jeb Joined the Game'' by jaybull minecraft avatar jaybull

en1.6+/tellrawTutorialshow to get colour writing with commands by 2spacemonkey2007 minecraft avatar 2spacemonkey2007

en1.7.10/tellrawOtherTeleport Troll :D by creeper minecraft avatar creeper

en1.8/tellrawOtherYo mama joined the game by thedigitalcookie minecraft avatar thedigitalcookie