en1.8.7/summonTutorialsFarmHouse by andersonlfgamer minecraft avatar andersonlfgamer

en1.8/summonOtherFloating Text by redstonederp_47 minecraft avatar redstonederp_47

en1.8/summonMobs & PetsLord Chaos riding a magma cube by aforaaaaah minecraft avatar aforaaaaah

enEVERYONE/summonCommand instructionsplayer statue (MACHINE) by lykakspars minecraft avatar lykakspars

en1.8.4+/summonMechanismsjetpacks IN MINECRAFT! by jjtheherobrine minecraft avatar jjtheherobrine

en1.10/summonGame modsDouble Jumping (Only One Command) by jiahwitchdoctor minecraft avatar jiahwitchdoctor

de1.11.2/summonMobs & PetsOP Knight Boss by thespiderkiller minecraft avatar thespiderkiller

en1.8/summonMechanismsBECOME HEROBRINE IN ONE COMMAND!!!!!!!!!!! by dragonnerd101 minecraft avatar dragonnerd101

en1.8.1+/summonMechanismsGrappling Hook by drpigy minecraft avatar drpigy

de1.8-1.8.9/summonVillager ShopsBedwars Vileger by pixtube minecraft avatar pixtube

en1.8/summonOtherCITY GENERATOR ONE COMMAND by reduced2ash minecraft avatar reduced2ash

en1.8/summonArmorrainbow armor! by jess minecraft avatar jess

en1.11/summonMechanismsInstant Castle-Tower by _enderslayer174_ minecraft avatar _enderslayer174_

en1.11.2/SummonOtherPOPULARMMOS' HOUSE by wilsonda@hotmail.com minecraft avatar wilsonda@hotmail.com

en1.8 and higher/summonTools & WeaponsThe real Super Bow by hotbrawl20 minecraft avatar hotbrawl20

en1.8.8 and later/summonMechanismsCommand block TNT cannon by carol minecraft avatar carol

en1.8/summonMobs & PetsTEH EPIC HORSE by sparklediamond1 minecraft avatar sparklediamond1

en1.8/summonVillager ShopsIRON FOR SWORD by lem_jlhstyle minecraft avatar lem_jlhstyle

en1.8/summonGame modsMinecraft MoFurniture Mod By IJAminecraft by allthewhile minecraft avatar allthewhile

en1.8/summonGame modsExplosive Arrows by mlakuss minecraft avatar mlakuss

enall/summonMobs & PetsDragon in one Command by kitzimoose minecraft avatar kitzimoose

en1.8/summonOtherFloating Text Hologram by geekylumii minecraft avatar geekylumii

en1.8.4/summonOtherMario level creator in one command by hani_369 minecraft avatar hani_369

en1.8/summonGame modssummon Herobrine! by cforcorey minecraft avatar cforcorey

en1.11/summonGame modsIJAMinecraft's furniture for 1.11! by itslightningbolt minecraft avatar itslightningbolt

en1.11.2/summonTools & WeaponsThe Ultimate OP 1.11.2 GOD SWORD (v2) by deimos jb minecraft avatar deimos jb

en1.11ish?/summonGame modsNew items ONLY ONE COMMAND! by ccbrennan minecraft avatar ccbrennan

en1.8/summonOtherSpider man Only One COMMAND by poom minecraft avatar poom

en1.9/summonMobs & PetsMorph Command! Turn into ANY mob! by universerocket minecraft avatar universerocket

en1.8/summonOtherArmor Stands /w arms!!! by joeybunny2006 minecraft avatar joeybunny2006

en1.8.4 and higher/summonGame modsmoon and space ships by bogdanw1 minecraft avatar bogdanw1

en1.8/summonGame modsMISSILES in Minecraft by dot01 minecraft avatar dot01

en1.8/summonMobs & Petsop wither!!!!!!!!! by levibring@gmail.com minecraft avatar levibring@gmail.com

en1.8/summonCommand instructionsRobot Only One Command by thecoder minecraft avatar thecoder

en1.8/summonMobs & PetsLess stupid name by cyborgminer minecraft avatar cyborgminer

en1.8/summonMechanismsHARRY POTTER SPELLS AND ARMOR ONE COMMAND by dragonnerd101 minecraft avatar dragonnerd101

en1.8-1.9/summonTools & WeaponsOP Nuclear Bomb! ONE COMMAND! by jaycraft2 minecraft avatar jaycraft2

en1.10-1.10.2/summonChest setsGod Set by dragpizza278 minecraft avatar dragpizza278

en1.8/summonOtherMinecraft Hotel Only One Command [OOC] by philip_wagaming minecraft avatar philip_wagaming

en1.8/summonGame modsRed/Lava Dragon Pet! by retlocpeck minecraft avatar retlocpeck

en1.8/summonGame modsSky block In One command block by enderskeleton344 minecraft avatar enderskeleton344

en1.8/summonOtherFNAF Anamatronics by wizard_keen minecraft avatar wizard_keen

en1.11/summonMechanismsTreeCapitator 1.11 (Version of 1.10 Updated) by char minecraft avatar char

en1.8.3/summonOtherInstant City by kanaatiban minecraft avatar kanaatiban

en1.8/summonMechanismsCars in one command! by steve1a minecraft avatar steve1a

enOfficial Release 1.8.x/summonGame modsNo Longer Alone/Girlfriend Mod in One Command Block by dudetheninja minecraft avatar dudetheninja

en1.11.2/summonMobs & PetsPac-Man Boss Battle (See YouTube for details) by deadpoolbadhair minecraft avatar deadpoolbadhair

en1.8/summonOther itemsgarden furniture by bobdenney minecraft avatar bobdenney

en1.9 no other versions/summonOther itemslucky block mod by jbarneyw@gmail.com minecraft avatar jbarneyw@gmail.com

en1.10.x/summonTools & WeaponsPORTAL GUNS IN MINECRAFT VANILLA 1.10.2 by jld3103 minecraft avatar jld3103