en1.8+/sayOtherLink To My YouTube Channel by yoshiguy101 minecraft avatar yoshiguy101

de1.8/sayTutorialsabc123 by luki_99 minecraft avatar luki_99

en1.7.2/sayTools & WeaponsHobaleyCraft by cadadda minecraft avatar cadadda

de1.8/sayTutorialsCooler command by luki_99 minecraft avatar luki_99

de1.8/sayTutorialsKaktusLP by luki_99 minecraft avatar luki_99

en1.8/sayOtherjeb herobrine and notch joined the game by kumbaboy minecraft avatar kumbaboy

enr1.10.0, r1.10.1, r1.10.2/sayOtherTest m7d25y2016h3m13p by helperbotbot3 minecraft avatar helperbotbot3

en1.8/sayTutorialsHi by poopman minecraft avatar poopman

en1.11/sayOtherSAW DIALOUGE by max_diamondhero8 minecraft avatar max_diamondhero8

de1.11/sayCommand instructionslelellelele by dragon_trolllp minecraft avatar dragon_trolllp

en15w33b/sayOtherhi hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh by evantcrawford minecraft avatar evantcrawford

en1.8/sayTutorialssay 1 by alex_andryu minecraft avatar alex_andryu

de1.10/sayCommand instructionsSAYS by bowlboycz minecraft avatar bowlboycz

en1.0+/sayOtherYolo by mastergamer7 minecraft avatar mastergamer7

en1.10/sayVillager Shopsvillageois suff cheat by k3k0u minecraft avatar k3k0u

deab 1.8/sayCommand instructionsEINE BEFEHL ERKLÄRUNG IN EINEM BEFEHL by chaosromanoderso minecraft avatar chaosromanoderso

de1.8/sayMechanismsBy Kili_XD by kili_xd minecraft avatar kili_xd

en1.8/sayTutorialsdumb by wolf minecraft avatar wolf

en1.8/sayGame modsAlbatroz by captainredstone1 minecraft avatar captainredstone1

en1.8/sayOtherRADIOACTIVE! by bernardas66 minecraft avatar bernardas66

en1.8+/sayTutorialsThe say Commands by minelox92videos minecraft avatar minelox92videos

enall/sayOthersay by xxmik0nasakusixx minecraft avatar xxmik0nasakusixx

en1.8/sayOtherDO NOT CLICK OR YOU WILL GET TROLLED HARDDDDD by xxdreadgamerxx minecraft avatar xxdreadgamerxx

en1.8/sayCommand instructionstext in the chat. by mc_darkwaver minecraft avatar mc_darkwaver

en1.8/sayCommand instructionsTIS IS A VERY HELPFUL COMAD by fireballboss111 minecraft avatar fireballboss111

en1.11.2/sayCommand instructionsThe best command for blocks by yaima minecraft avatar yaima

en1.12.2/sayChest setsMinecraft Test by 182marci minecraft avatar 182marci

encave game or higher/sayScoreboardclick me by creeper1233 minecraft avatar creeper1233

en1.10/saySigns/say this by mathimaster minecraft avatar mathimaster

en1.8/sayMechanismsI said minecraft pe is awesome! by ldshadowlady minecraft avatar ldshadowlady

enonly 1.8/sayOtherherobrine joind the game by diamondluck12 minecraft avatar diamondluck12

en1.8/SayGame modsROCKETSHIPS IN VANNILLA WITH ONLY ONE COMMAND by mobpie1943 minecraft avatar mobpie1943

enany version/sayOther2 errors prohibited this command from being saved: Title has already been taken Category can't be blank by xxitzpedrofrostfirexx minecraft avatar xxitzpedrofrostfirexx

en1.8.8/sayGame modsMy Sword by fivenightfreddy minecraft avatar fivenightfreddy

en1.9+/sayTutorialsHow to Get HoloGraphic Text by henriblob minecraft avatar henriblob

en/sayOthertroll9.99 by roblox sucks minecraft avatar roblox sucks

en/sayOthertroll9.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999. by roblox sucks minecraft avatar roblox sucks

en1.8/sayScoreboard/title @a title ["",{"text":"KARTAL SERVER","color":"black","bold":true}] by angsipangsi minecraft avatar angsipangsi

en1.12/sayScoreboardмоя команда by oleg5354 minecraft avatar oleg5354

en1.7.10/sayOtherUHC STaRT by haukee minecraft avatar haukee

en1.8/sayBooksHA HA by killallot minecraft avatar killallot

en1.14.4/sayscreenTools & WeaponsMyCommand by noober_loser minecraft avatar noober_loser

en1.8/sayOther itemsUm Teste Normal by dof41 minecraft avatar dof41

en1.8/sayTutorialsЛол by maksimkacanale minecraft avatar maksimkacanale

en1.12.2/sayVillager ShopsNew stuff pls dont kill me by flameingrodyt minecraft avatar flameingrodyt

enany/saySignscop by nickletini minecraft avatar nickletini

enthis dose not madder/sayOtherherobrine joined the server by nickletini minecraft avatar nickletini

enthis dose not madder/sayOtherherobrine joined the server prank by nickletini minecraft avatar nickletini

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en1.10.2/sayOtherhelp me!!! by jayjayfire@net.net minecraft avatar jayjayfire@net.net