en1.8 to 1.12/replaceitemOtherGet A Head by the_flying_gamer minecraft avatar the_flying_gamer

en+1.8/replaceitemOtherwater head by korenk62 minecraft avatar korenk62

en1.9/replaceitemOtherWear My first minecraft skin's head on a banner on your head! by zabinthecyndaqui minecraft avatar zabinthecyndaqui

en1.8+/replaceitemTutorialsHow To Wear Sunglasses (Dragon Egg) by blize minecraft avatar blize

en1.12.2/replaceitemOther itemsAstronaut hat by nakitablock minecraft avatar nakitablock

enall updates & downdates :D/replaceitemOtherpart 1 ender warlord by char minecraft avatar char

en1.8/replaceitemOther itemsHAHAHAHHHHAH LOL by xxbenethan10xx minecraft avatar xxbenethan10xx

en1.8/replaceitemGame modseverything is a unicorn. by nightpickle minecraft avatar nightpickle

en1.8.8/replaceitemOther itemsSpider Boss Head For 1.8.8 Version Only (Only One Command) by thecuteherobrine minecraft avatar thecuteherobrine

en1.8.9/replaceitemArmordrunk head by vchildren minecraft avatar vchildren

en1.12/replaceitemOtherVILLAGER HEAD PRANK by enderstorm97 minecraft avatar enderstorm97

en1.8/replaceitemArmorhelmet removal by vulcann13 minecraft avatar vulcann13

en1.8/replaceitemOtherMy friend's"Minh-Vien" head!!!!! by commander_jessup 1001 minecraft avatar commander_jessup 1001

en1.11/replaceitemOtherTurn everyone in the BEST hypixel player ever by mcsterlospyder minecraft avatar mcsterlospyder

en1.8/replaceitemOtherget player head by zachimon minecraft avatar zachimon

en1.8/replaceitemOther itemsSome weard head on your head by noahvader08 minecraft avatar noahvader08

en1.12.2/replaceitemMobs & PetsUnicorn by itzliam01 minecraft avatar itzliam01

en1.8+/replaceitemArmorHow to get someone's head by themajesticsteak minecraft avatar themajesticsteak

en1.9 +/replaceitemArmorspace helmet by dantdn123 minecraft avatar dantdn123

en1.5.2/replaceitemChest sets/replaceitem entity @p slot.armor.head skull 1 3 {SkullOwner:"mirriam"} by sanz01 minecraft avatar sanz01

en1.15.2/replaceitemArmorarmor chestplate by warior1309 minecraft avatar warior1309

en1.8/replaceitemTools & WeaponsSuper Beating stick by vulcann13 minecraft avatar vulcann13

en1.8/replaceitemOtherDanTDM head infestation by johnplays minecraft avatar johnplays

en1.8/replaceitemOther itemsnoitch by gamer2005 minecraft avatar gamer2005

en1.8/replaceitemMobs & Petshat+heads by alex0742 minecraft avatar alex0742

en1.8/replaceitemOtherstampylongnose,s head by minecraftsonny minecraft avatar minecraftsonny

en1.8/replaceitemOtherget one head o your head by trainbuilder11 minecraft avatar trainbuilder11

en1.8/replaceitemArmorGlass suba helmet by kylun11 minecraft avatar kylun11

en1.8/replaceitemArmorNotch by happy man minecraft avatar happy man

en1.8/replaceitemArmormohawk in minecraft 1.8!!!!! by prizefighter3 minecraft avatar prizefighter3

en1.8/replaceitemOther itemsMy friends head by powerdestroyer9 minecraft avatar powerdestroyer9

en1.8/replaceitemOther itemssaads head by saadthebro minecraft avatar saadthebro

en1.12/replaceitemBooksCreative book replace by popecinquante minecraft avatar popecinquante

en1.8/replaceitemArmorZekrom for All! by mhf_squid minecraft avatar mhf_squid

en1.8/replaceitemArmorTry this command by shroompadoomp minecraft avatar shroompadoomp

en1.8/replaceitemOtherWear TheDiamondMinecart's Head!!!! by hollyleaf30 minecraft avatar hollyleaf30

en1.9/replaceitemOtherUnicorn Horn By Unicornzioz by unicornzioz minecraft avatar unicornzioz

en1.8/replaceitemArmorL0L by vulcann13 minecraft avatar vulcann13

en1.8/replaceitemOtherSurvival Troll L0L by vulcann13 minecraft avatar vulcann13

en1.8/replaceitemOtherGod Maker by 1builder1 minecraft avatar 1builder1

en1.8-1.10/replaceitemArmortroll face by bubble_rap minecraft avatar bubble_rap

de1.8/replaceitemSignsDeutschland by luis26112004 minecraft avatar luis26112004

en1.8/replaceitemGame modsfnhyhjyrmutdtxmujjjjjjjjj by clmty minecraft avatar clmty

de1.8/replaceitemOtherMy hat by megamyer minecraft avatar megamyer

en1.8/replaceitemTools & WeaponsSonic Screwdriver Weapon by vulcann13 minecraft avatar vulcann13

enall/replaceitemMobs & Petsdie bad by xxxninjasamxxx minecraft avatar xxxninjasamxxx

en1.8/replaceitemArmorAstronaut/Spaceman by hamex_killler minecraft avatar hamex_killler

en1.9+/replaceitemArmorboss spawn by urza13 minecraft avatar urza13

en1.8.8/replaceitemOtherwhat!? by avatar man minecraft avatar avatar man

en1.8/replaceitemGame modsBecome THE FLOATING BLOCK! (an easy mod) by goldengolem360 minecraft avatar goldengolem360