en1.8+/replaceitemArmorAWEOSME Dirt Helmet by zombiedude12 minecraft avatar zombiedude12

en1.8/replaceitemOtherMy Head is Beautiful by tathan minecraft avatar tathan

enAny 1.8/replaceitemArmorBlockHeads by jhmaster2000 minecraft avatar jhmaster2000

enAny/replaceitemOtherBecome Me! by benplayzyt_ minecraft avatar benplayzyt_

en1.14/replaceitemOtherSCP guard head by ornerymuffin576 minecraft avatar ornerymuffin576

en1.8/replaceitemCommand instructionsBecome Herobrine (Tutorial) by theminecraftman minecraft avatar theminecraftman

enAny/replaceitemOtherMe head by ninjasutcliff minecraft avatar ninjasutcliff

en1.8/replaceitemTools & WeaponsSuper Creeper Server v.i.p super helmet by ffsdaf minecraft avatar ffsdaf

enAll/replaceitemOtherMy head SI3DROGON9 by si3drogon9 minecraft avatar si3drogon9

de1.8/replaceitemBooksnotch by player123456789 minecraft avatar player123456789

de1.8-1.11/replaceitemArmorÄrgert Freunde by tzblockbuster minecraft avatar tzblockbuster

en1.8/replaceitemOther itemslol no comment goes on nearest player by synhd minecraft avatar synhd

en1.8/replaceitemOtherclayton9165 has best realm EVER!!! by larrytheonelung minecraft avatar larrytheonelung

en1.8/replaceitemOtherPat's Head by char minecraft avatar char

en1.12.2/replaceitemOtherThe Implant Chip by matusko123 minecraft avatar matusko123

en1.8/replaceitemMechanismsmy awesome head. by androbaby123 minecraft avatar androbaby123

en1.8/replaceitemOther itemsFunny troll by orecraft3 minecraft avatar orecraft3

enany/replaceitemOtherget herobrines son head by aganboys minecraft avatar aganboys

en1.8/replaceitemPotionsTROLOLOLOLOLOLOV2 by orecraft3 minecraft avatar orecraft3

en15w51b/replaceitemOthergggg by xxxninjasamxxx minecraft avatar xxxninjasamxxx

en1.8/replaceitemArmorRaidmax Replacer by kylefrb minecraft avatar kylefrb

en1.12.2/replaceitemArmorScuba Diving Mask by jackywacky11 minecraft avatar jackywacky11

en1.8/replaceitemOtherGet _ Head by swordblockgaming minecraft avatar swordblockgaming

enIlluminati/replaceitemOtherServer Swagifier by little_koopayt minecraft avatar little_koopayt

enany/replaceitemArmorTNT HELMET! by crashbandicoot2 minecraft avatar crashbandicoot2

en1.14.4/replaceitemArmorAntihealth Challenge by spikebr minecraft avatar spikebr

en1.8 or above/replaceitemOtherMy Head .;;. .;;. O.O by deacon5190 minecraft avatar deacon5190

en1.9/replaceitemOther.............................................................. by jaxben98 minecraft avatar jaxben98

enall/replaceitemCommand instructionsPut a Block on Your Head! cooooooooooooooool by bonkereds minecraft avatar bonkereds

en1.8/replaceitemTutorialsasa by dragon egg minecraft avatar dragon egg

enany (with end rod)/replaceitemArmorbe a unicorn!!!! by flyingpig300 minecraft avatar flyingpig300

en1.2/replaceitemSignsWhat is FEUN by fbcmasters minecraft avatar fbcmasters

en1.8/replaceitemOtherPresent Head!! LOL by octopi1706 minecraft avatar octopi1706

en1.12.2/replaceitemOther itemsbanner on head by lstyle08 minecraft avatar lstyle08

de1.8/replaceitemOtherersetzter kock by dreifachschnell minecraft avatar dreifachschnell

en1.8/replaceitemArmorbe notch by propikapanda minecraft avatar propikapanda

en1.8/replaceitemArmorbecome a herobrine with this cool command (for cool guys) by lethal m8ts minecraft avatar lethal m8ts

en1.8/replaceitemOtherHerobrine Head Switch by hawkfire_11 minecraft avatar hawkfire_11

en1.8/replaceitemOtherWear A TNT block! by diamondsteve8695 minecraft avatar diamondsteve8695

en1.8/replaceitemOtherJohncena armor (Head) by slender212 minecraft avatar slender212

en1.8/replaceitemOtherbe wondering about everything by shadowkirby151 minecraft avatar shadowkirby151

en1.8+/replaceitemArmorChanges Your Head To Herobrine's Head! Great For Trolling! by themajesticsteak minecraft avatar themajesticsteak

en1.9/replaceitemOtherROSS!!!!! by epeneedo minecraft avatar epeneedo

en1.8/replaceitemCommand instructionsmy head troll by nochcraft72 minecraft avatar nochcraft72

en1.9+/replaceitemOtherRock Head Pig World by furiouscreator minecraft avatar furiouscreator

en1.8 and above/replaceitemCommand instructionsget a hat in vanilla minecraft. (no hatmod) by voxel9999 minecraft avatar voxel9999

en1.8, 1.9/replaceitemArmorHead Change! by legofan0000 minecraft avatar legofan0000

en1.12.2/replaceitemOtherFUN FUN FUN by outimed minecraft avatar outimed

enall/replaceitemMobs & Petsmy head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by ninjaasssasin minecraft avatar ninjaasssasin

en1.9+/replaceitemArmorAstroman by chickendude19 minecraft avatar chickendude19