en1.8/replaceitemArmorReplace Item by britox76 minecraft avatar britox76

en1.8/replaceitemArmorGet a Herobrine head by xander_2002 minecraft avatar xander_2002

en1.8/replaceitemOtherEntity 303 by farmeiner minecraft avatar farmeiner

en1.8 - 1.8.1 - 1.8.2 - 1.8.3/replaceitemMechanismsBLOCK ON YOUR HEAD! by cyarith minecraft avatar cyarith

en15w31a, 15w31b, and 15w31c/replaceitemArmorUnicorn Horn by mortenxy minecraft avatar mortenxy

en1.8.4/replaceitemOtherHerobrine head by wertywency234 minecraft avatar wertywency234

en15w31a-15w31b-15w31c/replaceitemArmorbe a unicorn horn section by bunnygamers minecraft avatar bunnygamers

en1.7, 1.8, 1.9+/replaceitemOtherAstronaut Helmet by unicornzioz minecraft avatar unicornzioz

en1.9/replaceitemArmorPut an item on your head! by lordnickbdof minecraft avatar lordnickbdof

de1.8 - 1.9+/replaceitemArmorSparkofPhoenix Kopf by char minecraft avatar char

en1.9/replaceitemOtheralex head by pink_heidi minecraft avatar pink_heidi

en1.9/replaceitemArmorbeacon on you're head by mrmathswilliam minecraft avatar mrmathswilliam

en1.8/replaceitemTools & Weaponscctv Head by demacia minecraft avatar demacia

en1.8/replaceitemArmorGlass Scuba Helmet by meowingcow99 minecraft avatar meowingcow99

en1.9/replaceitemMobs & Petsbecome a unicorn by jimbob_mcgrath minecraft avatar jimbob_mcgrath

en1.8 And Over!/replaceitemArmorHave An Awsome Banner On Youre Head! :D by xxdiamondragonxx minecraft avatar xxdiamondragonxx

en1.8/replaceitemArmorbecome BATMAN!! (head first) by dyzio_gamer minecraft avatar dyzio_gamer

en1.8/replaceitemOtherpoop head by casey@kc minecraft avatar casey@kc

en1.9/replaceitemGame modsHalf Heart Survival by rugbug_redfern minecraft avatar rugbug_redfern

en1.8+/replaceitemOtherSpace Helmet (cool) by maj3sticlloyd minecraft avatar maj3sticlloyd

en1.8/replaceitemArmorScuba Helmet!! Or an enchanted glass block. by c0re_creeper minecraft avatar c0re_creeper

en1.8/replaceitemOtherCAMOUFLAGE HAT by taa123 minecraft avatar taa123

en1.8/replaceitemMobs & PetsFreddy Nightmare by milomcmobz minecraft avatar milomcmobz

en1.8.8/replaceitemOtherMagma Cube Head :) by doctorstrike. minecraft avatar doctorstrike.

en1.8/replaceitemArmorSpace Helment by 1.8 minecraft genuis minecraft avatar 1.8 minecraft genuis

en1.8/replaceitemOtherThe Most OP Head Ever by phycho_boy minecraft avatar phycho_boy

en1.8/replaceitemArmorENDERDRAGON HEAD by gamermax30 minecraft avatar gamermax30

en1.6.4 1.7.2 1.7.4 1.7.10 1.8 1.8.1 1.8.2 1.8.3/replaceitemOtherSheep hat by _rapunzel2_ minecraft avatar _rapunzel2_

en1.8 1.8.1 1.8.2/replaceitemOtherSlime Head by 1.8 minecraft genuis minecraft avatar 1.8 minecraft genuis

en1.8/replaceitemMechanismsBlock on your head and feet by evnardo1030 minecraft avatar evnardo1030

de1.11/replaceitemArmorNo Cooldown Button by c_bismuth minecraft avatar c_bismuth

en1.8/replaceitemOtherJen's head by char minecraft avatar char

de1.8.x,1.9.x/replaceitemArmorHead Banner by liquidxxx357 minecraft avatar liquidxxx357

en1.8/replaceitemArmorSuper Simple Space Helmet by scientist227 minecraft avatar scientist227

en1.9+/replaceitemGame mods++ Diamonds by henten minecraft avatar henten

en1.8/replaceitemOtherBe an astronaut with a helmet in a command by jvssmith minecraft avatar jvssmith

en1.8/replaceitemOtheri dont know what to make the name of this by rajoma minecraft avatar rajoma

enall version work/replaceitemOthermelonhead by mccoolman minecraft avatar mccoolman

en1.9/1.9.X/1.10/replaceitemGame modsUnlimited Enderpearl(like enderman)#Become enderman by theamazingcommandmaker minecraft avatar theamazingcommandmaker

en1.8/replaceitemArmorput blocks on your head by jordanbigboy100 minecraft avatar jordanbigboy100

en1.9 +/replaceitemOtherUNICORN HORN!!! ONE EASY COMMAND!!! by chickendude19 minecraft avatar chickendude19

en1.8 or above/replaceitemArmorBlock Hat by lordpizzagamer minecraft avatar lordpizzagamer

enall verisons bitch/replaceitemGame modsEntity303 Head! (ultamite moment!!!!!!!!!!!) by burntpenguin minecraft avatar burntpenguin

enall versions/replaceitemOther itemsBecome an astronaut in minecraft vanilla! by ol1v3r7 minecraft avatar ol1v3r7

en1.8/replaceitemArmorMy head (Yoshi) by yoshi minecraft avatar yoshi

en1.8/replaceitemOtherTurn Yourself into a... UNICORN! by endlessfear minecraft avatar endlessfear

en1.8/replaceitemArmorBlocks on your head by charlieegan6 minecraft avatar charlieegan6

en1.8/replaceitemArmorCHEST ON UR HEAD MOD by 4_dajoker_4 minecraft avatar 4_dajoker_4

en1.8/replaceitemOtherYour Herobrine by floatymoaty minecraft avatar floatymoaty

en1.8/replaceitemArmorPirate Head by djshadow92 minecraft avatar djshadow92