en1.8.8/giveOther itemsCoolest Fireworks by viruzx123 minecraft avatar viruzx123

en1.8/giveOther itemsSuper OP WALKING STICK GO 99999MPH by daredevilgt minecraft avatar daredevilgt

en1.8.8/Here'sOther itemsQuality Heads! by doctorstrike. minecraft avatar doctorstrike.

en15w31/giveOther itemsHarm Arrow For 1.9 by elimatua minecraft avatar elimatua

en1.11.2/giveOther itemsSlime_pall with cnocpack X by merlin20 minecraft avatar merlin20

enANY/giveOther itemsBIRTHDAY PRESENT by mj004 minecraft avatar mj004

en1.8, 1.9 and up/summonOther itemsWear Mario Head And Place! by jjanddj minecraft avatar jjanddj

en1.8/giveOther itemstrophy by houisai minecraft avatar houisai

en1.8.*/summonOther items(^_^) by brownbeardoesmc minecraft avatar brownbeardoesmc

en1.8/giveOther itemsGET EPIC FIREWORK!!!! by halojake998 minecraft avatar halojake998

en1.8/giveOther itemsNutella Head by enderwarrior101 minecraft avatar enderwarrior101

enWorks on 1.9 only!/giveOther itemsChimmey in Minecraft (with smoke effects) by vladu11 minecraft avatar vladu11

en1.8/executeOther itemsLightning SnowBall by nuclearcat2 minecraft avatar nuclearcat2

en1.8/giveOther itemsAdmin Sword by fnaf2_puppet minecraft avatar fnaf2_puppet

en1.8+/giveOther itemsWand Of Speed by unikitty517 minecraft avatar unikitty517

en1.8.9/giveOther itemsherobrine_head by psycho_girl minecraft avatar psycho_girl

en1.8/giveOther itemsENDER DRAGON CAUGHT IN A BANNER! [truely a ender dragon banner] by philip_wagaming minecraft avatar philip_wagaming

en1.11+/giveOther itemstp wand by flamo519 minecraft avatar flamo519

en1.8/gameruleOther itemsMake your crops grow instantly! by lukatin minecraft avatar lukatin

en1.8/giveOther itemsEXTREMELY EPIC SUPER POWER POTION BEST POTION EVER OVERPOWERED by xthegoldensword minecraft avatar xthegoldensword

en1.8/summonOther itemstv,chair,table and + by bluhbluh minecraft avatar bluhbluh

en1.8/giveOther itemsLisenc by cuakepro_wars minecraft avatar cuakepro_wars

en1.8/giveOther itemsa remover by sandeer minecraft avatar sandeer

en1.8/giveOther itemsCOCAINE! by donotdisturb1 minecraft avatar donotdisturb1

en1.8/summonOther itemsMEGA STICK O AWESOME by jbcminecraftdude minecraft avatar jbcminecraftdude

en1.9/1stOther itemsSecret Blocks by dozey99 minecraft avatar dozey99

de1.8/giveOther itemsRotpilz by fishfacetv minecraft avatar fishfacetv

en1.8/summonOther itemssonic by alex96003 minecraft avatar alex96003

en1.8/giveOther itemsUndertale - Chara's Knife/Bloody Knife by charizard746 minecraft avatar charizard746

en1.8/summonOther itemsSuper Stick/Best Stick Ever by char minecraft avatar char

en1.8/giveOther itemsUndertale - Determination Stick by charizard746 minecraft avatar charizard746

en1.8 - 1.8.1 - 1.8.2 - 1.8.3/giveOther itemsMario Mushroom by cyarith minecraft avatar cyarith

en1.9 1.10+/summonOther itemshouse u can decorate by crafter9119 minecraft avatar crafter9119

en1.8/giveOther itemsUndertale - Bloody Knife 2 by charizard746 minecraft avatar charizard746

en1.9/giveOther itemsget notch head.wow by jirokani minecraft avatar jirokani

en1.8/giveOther itemsMining Potion and Pickaxes by char minecraft avatar char

de1.8/summonOther itemsBronzespawner by mastericecube minecraft avatar mastericecube

en1.8/giveOther itemsHACKER HEAD by gardnerfam minecraft avatar gardnerfam

en1.8/ThanksOther itemsItems you have never seen before! by samfay minecraft avatar samfay

en1.11.2/giveOther itemsTHE DOOM SWORD by steve303 minecraft avatar steve303

en1.8/executeOther itemsFlaming Arrow (Personnaly Made By MCShadowz) by mcshadowz minecraft avatar mcshadowz

en1.8/giveOther itemsForce push by jeanlucrocco minecraft avatar jeanlucrocco

en1.9/1.10/1.11/giveOther itemsCortezJEL's sword by cortezjel minecraft avatar cortezjel

en1.8 1.9 1.10 1.11/giveOther itemsGive you a mini melon by esgow minecraft avatar esgow

en1.8/giveOther itemsGet an Iphone by derekninja555 minecraft avatar derekninja555

en1.9/giveOther itemssla by superbrcf minecraft avatar superbrcf

en1.8/giveOther itemsop 666 by albert minecraft avatar albert

en1.8+/giveOther itemsWhacking Stick (Knockback) by lightning_aqua minecraft avatar lightning_aqua

en1.8+/giveOther itemsMinecraft Restaurant: Pocket Edition by angel_red minecraft avatar angel_red

en1.10/giveOther itemsNether portal block place! by dyzio_gamer minecraft avatar dyzio_gamer