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How to use the book correctly:

1.- Copy the command below then put the command in a command block if you don't know how to have "the command block" here it is first open the chat and say "/give @p minecraft:command_block 1"
2.- Put the command block on the ground, then right click on the command block and where it says "Command Console" or also "Command Console", there it depends on your language, then paste the command you previously copied, then use a button, a lever, a pressure plate
3.- After what you have chosen (if you chose pressure plate just walk on top of it, if you chose button or lever just right click) activate it and it will give you the ♦ Tiny House ♦ (The book.) then click right open the book and go to where you want to generate the house, crush on the words one by one and the house will be generated.

(The door has to be put manually from inside the house.)

Basic information of the house:

The house is small and contains the following objects (Chest, top) (Oven) (Crafting table), the door is put manually (because when trying to put the door it bugs)
1.- Door
2.- Torch
3.- Peak
4.- Ax
5.- Carbon Block
6.- Enchanted golden apple
7.- Golden carrot.

please share or like or I'll be out of a job ;c

And Thanks For Use My Command <3


The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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