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The Grim Reaper

Basic Information:

It is a group of 3 members in a single mob (vex,vindicator,magma cube), they have customized swords, potion effects, and more

How kill The Grim Reaper:

In order to kill the grim reaper, you need some objects that are the following (optional): (Enchanted apples or golden apples, bow, sword or ax (optional) and you can also bring something that you think will serve to kill the grim reaper.)

mobs info:

1.- Vex (Little Guardian), has 50 life, shines, can take your items from the ground, the effects are (Absorption, Lasts 100 seconds, Level: 2) (Ambient), has a netherite sword in his first hand, a golden apple in the second hand, a nether star on the head, a lighthouse on the chest (the chances that they will drop when the mob (vex) dies is (1.- 50%) (2. - 30%) (3.- 5%) (4.- 1%), its attributes are (knockback Resistance, Level: 1).
2.- Vindicator (The Grim Reaper), has 95 life, shines, can use both hands, patrol leader, his items are (netherite, hoe, writable book), the chance of getting the items when he dies is (1.- 0%) (100%), the Vindicator is not (Jhonny), the attributes are (armor, Level: 5)
3.- Magma Cube (Death Magma Cube) (size: 3), It can pick up your items from the ground, It shines (its items are, 3 golden apples) (the chances of them falling to the ground when dying are) (1.- 50%).

Extra Information:

The mob (Grim Reaper), appears below or above the command block, if you want and know about commands you can make the mob move to the place where you want (optional).


Give me a like or share <3 (Seriously, it took me a long time to see the command write the code, test it, seeing how it kills it, put the information, the title information, the version, the image.).

Thanks for use my command: Aned

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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