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The Guardian Revenge

Information To How Kill The Guardian:

To kill the guardian you need the following if you are in (survival)
1.- At least 10 golden or enchanted apples.
2.- Get under the guardian so that the witch kills everyone.
3.- Lots of food.
4.- Kill them one by one.
5.- Do not enter the range of the Guardian too much if you are injured and heal.
6.- It is useless to carry a sword, it will give you the effect of (mining fatigue 3).
7.- You can also carry instant healing potions.
8.- Sleep so that the other mobs don't bother you.
9.- That it is not a rainy day (optional) because the blaze can also burn the guardian and the other mobs.
10.- Recommend or I'm out of a job ;).

Extra Information:

In the guardian there are 5 mobs that you have to kill each one with customized effects and lives for a good pvp experience, the following mobs are:
-Elder Guardian
Next, the lives of the mobs:
1.- Elder guardian (Has 60 life, Can pick up your items, Shines) (Its effects are Instant Life level: 3 (Duration: 100) ) (Water Breathing level: 10 (Duration: 100) ).
2.- Witch (She has 31 life, she can pick up your items.).
3.- Blaze (Has 5 life, Can pick up your items, Appears in fire).
4.- Vindicator (He has 20 life, he's not crazy, he can pick up your items) (His effects are Invisibility level: 100 (Duration: 100).
5.- Illusioner (Has 20 life, Can pick up your items,)

 U need a command block to get the command block say in the chat: /give @p minecraft:command_block 1

And u need a button.

And thanks for using my command - aned.

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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