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This is a particular potion. it can be used as a "torture" to be suffered to obtain a precious object. This is my idea, but you can do many other things!



  • Slowness (to slow down the player)
  • Mining fatigue (to slow down the speed of excaving = + time to escape from a room)
  • Nausea (to annoy the player)
  • Invisibilty (not to be found by others who want to help him)
  • Blindness (to annoy the player again)
  • Hunger (to starve the player)
  • Poison (to  hurt the player)
  • Absorption (to avoid the die with the poison effect)
  • Water breathing (to avoid the suicide of the player ---> suicide = the effect finish before the 900 seconds of effect)
  • Fire resistance (to avoid the sucide of the player)
  • Regeneration (in case the player was hurt before the drinking of the potion)

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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