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Crafting Recipes:Throw the items on the ground with the default drop key sometimes it's the Q Key. 

Drill:1 wooden pickaxe and 1 brick block

Chainsaw:1 iron axe and 1 oak log

Glider:1 leather boots and 1 elytra

Ore Sheep *drops 1 diamond ore when you kill it*:1 redstone block and 1 diamond ore.

Drill:can mine really fast, and can get a lot of stacks of any type of ore.

Chainsaw:can chop any tree really fast

Glider:does not take much damage when you fall *depends on how high up you are in the air*

Ore Sheep:drops a diamond ore when it is killed, and then the diamond ore can be placed and broke

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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