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This brings the Witherstorm from Story Mode to normal Minecraft! It may look like a typical Wither but it is way stronger.

Here are some of its stats:

7700 HP or 3850 hearts

45 wither skull damage

90 armor points

Flies faster than the Ender Dragon

Invulnerable for 20 seconds after it spawns

There! Have fun trying to beat this. I recommend to use weapons from my original God Chest command ( not the updated version ) for a good challenge. The boss also has a variety of drops including armor, weapons and a trophy. Good luck trying to farm for those 

because most drops are INCREDIBLY RARE except the trophy which always drops.

I also tested it as a battle: 5 players in god armor VS Witherstorm and it took 10 mins to beat it. Also i used the Wither Scimitar that it 

dropped which does 66,666 damage and it was still able to take 2 hits, not to mention it has Smite 600+.

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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