en 1.11 /summon Villager Shops Meet Sum Ting Wong! He is my Monster Taming Villager, and he's just a bit on the wild side. ;)

He is in need of some work still but stay tuned he will be 1.11 ready very soon! 

This is an easy way to introduce ways to getting Aggressive Mob eggs and spawner's into your world. He has all the things that you need to get started.


Feel free to make suggestions in the comments. :)

Look out for my other villagers coming soon.  https://minecraftcommand.science/profile/zatas

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Future Updates

He will not work with the current Villager Generator on minecraftcommand.science (as of 12/10/16). If updates come to the generator I'll try and see if I can get him to work with it.

Images coming soon!



 - Created Placeholder for Custom Villager. Needs basic changes but will be up and ready shortly. 

 - Does not work with Villager Trade Generator as of this date.


 - Updated Career Level from 42 to 100000.

 - Added Trade List

 - Updated description

 - Fixed Trades

 - Included all hostile mobs

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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