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Summer for me is almost over and i won't be as active making commands as i used to be,but i will continue making commands.Now for you guys who like some of my commands i figured out a way to make a redstone clock in one command not only that, i figured out how to make blocks face a certain way thats how i made the comparators.But anyway the 2 blocks are Lapis_block and pink stained clay now the lapis one:The Lapis one sets your spawnpoint if you step on it. And the pink stained clay kills you if you step on it. Is best for parkour maps and any other thing you guys do with things like this if you make a map and post it on a website please credit rsgrant (me) in the description of it because i made this command and it took me like... uhh i think 2 or 3 hours a good bit of time i will be planning to do a different part 2 to this command with blocks that do different things i already have a idea of one! However it will make any pink clay or lapis block do this behavior so don't use this commands if you don't want to make every block of pink clay and lapis block do theese behaviors. Hope you enjoy!!! :D

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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