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Hello, this is my first command and I would like to show you an advanced command called /tellraw. It is a command you can type things and color, bold, underlined, obfuscated and even underlined, and also strikethrough. This command is for people that don't know it yet, Although many experts do. You can't just say /tellraw @a Hi color:purple , it needs wiggled brackets, commas and speech marks. Feel free to use my command if you're desperate :) I made a mistake so I had to type the command twice :( Meh. By the way, this command is %100 tested and non-troll zone. I don't troll. Here is an example of the tell-raw: /tellraw @a {"text":"Hi!","color":"green","bold":"true"} 

NOTE: This only works with 1.8 or higher. Recommend changing your version to 1.8 or higher to make this command work. You will need a command block for this tell-raw command, it is too big to type in normal chat.


The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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