en read only and give ideas /do Other

this isint a command but I want to the ones  that read this

I want to help me do this big command with one command block and its called fnaf 2 with:

armor stands with fnaf figures and animations

give spawn eggs for the pices of the structure so will be called to 1 to 8

the structure can be made

it will include a machine when activated

the animatronics will move and if you want can have jump scares

if you now how to make furniture that can be super great

if players and command makers will be included to be like made: player 39,player 12

if you got ideas let me now by the chat

and make a custom head like a computer

many players will be asepted to help

ps legomaster


public or give ideas by chat

probited fackers

WILL INCLUDE ` your name

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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