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Are you a fan of STAR WARS?

Do you know White Lightsaber is exist?

Well if you're a fan of STAR WARS this is a perfect command for you. This Lightsaber is OP. More OP than anything. Even more OP than the OP Guys. With this you    don't need to wear any armor. If you're selling the White Lightsaber then make it so expensive. If you're making a server with this command make it so the donator only  can get it  for free (make sure you use the shop spigot plugins to sell it on a server). Well because having it on a server need to have the Shop spigot plugin, i think the    price  will be 99999999999 money. What are you waiting? Just use this command :)

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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