"I don't know what to call this girl," said Mammy Gao in a cold voice. "Who is she?" "Qinglan," said Qinglan lightly, "Mammy can call me Qinglan." Then he looked at Liang Caiyi and said, "I heard that Miss Liang had just arrived in the capital and had come to the palace before she found a place to stay. Is it true that she hasn't even rented a house in the capital yet?" "Our princess said that if Miss Liang had any difficulties, her dowry would have a small courtyard with two entrances. If Miss Liang didn't mind, she could stay temporarily until your Liang family took good care of the house, or rented it, and then moved out." This time Liang Caiyi is really furious, this is to treat her as a poor relative to fight the autumn wind? But the Lord did not even show her face, she first quarreled with one of her little servant girls, it was too much to lose their identity. So although Liang Caiyi was so angry that her seven orifices smoked, she still endured it. She straightened her back and looked at Qinglan. "Miss Qinglan," she said coldly, "I think you or your princess have misunderstood something. This time I came to the capital to look for Wang Ye. I wonder if Wang Ye is in the mansion?" The author has something to say: Before twelve o'clock in the second watch ~ Thanks to the nutrient solution of gurgling brook x20, flowers on the stars X5, so-and-so piano x2, laughing red dust x6,inflatable amusement park, baby Beibei x30, wind catkins willow x2, black new rain x10, moonlight city x9, Mada, love you ~ ~ Chapter 136 The blue orchid's face showed the color of surprise. In that way, she looked down at Liang Caiyi with some high surprise,Inflatable bouncer, which made Liang Caiyi, who had been justified, angry and hot on her face. What kind of maid is this? This cold and haughty look was like a cold and haughty killer who stood high above her and held other people's lives in her hands. It's unfortunate Qinglan is really this kind of temperament when it gets cold. But still that sentence, Liang Caiyi is angry again, before Xia Mingshu appears, she also cannot scold a servant. If she really quarrels or fights with a servant, where is her face and identity? And this maid dares to be so rampant, must be that Lanjia County Lord Xia Mingshu motioned. Just as Liang Caiyi pinched the armrest on the armchair, it was painful to pinch it. His face was blue and red. Just as she pressed Mammy Gao, who wanted to shout at Qinglan, Qinglan finally made a sound. She looked at Liang Caiyi and said, "Miss Liang, inflatable air dancer ,inflatable castle with slide, what do you want to see our prince about?"? Our Wang Ye does not see outsiders, even if Miss Liang is the niece of Liang's old side concubine, is begging the old Wang Ye, I am afraid our Wang Ye has no time to see. But if you don't have anything particularly urgent, you can tell me about it. I think I can handle the general things. No matter how bad it is, I can ask our princess. Liang Caiyi:.. She really felt that she had tolerated enough. If in northern Xinjiang, such a maid could whip her to death directly. Her face sank, and her hand, which was pressing on Mammy Gao behind her, was withdrawn. When Mammy Gao got a sign from her own girl, she shouted to Qinglan, "This girl, we have taken the old prince's order to see him. Does the girl mean to stop us from seeing him?"? The girl is too bold, too ignorant of the rules! "Unbridled!" Qinglan stood up directly. She looked at Mammy Gao with a murderous look in her eyes, and for a moment Mammy Gao felt a tremor. Qinglan looked down at Mammy Gao and said coldly, "Mammy, I'm afraid you've forgotten where this is."? This is the palace of the regent, and the rules of the prince and the princess are the rules of this palace. "Where did this Mammy come from? How dare she run to our Regent's Palace and say that if she wants to see Wang Ye, she will see Wang Ye. When Wang Ye doesn't see you, she says that our Palace doesn't know the rules?" "I think you think your life is too long. No noble person in the whole court dares to run wild in our palace and say that our palace doesn't know the rules!" Liang Caiyi:.. Mammy Gao almost fell down with anger. Where did the shrewish people come from who couldn't understand people's words, planted evidence at random, and charged people at random? When she wanted to say something again, Liang Caiyi called her with a "Mammy". Liang Caiyi stopped Mammy Gao and turned to look at Qinglan. Holding her breath, she said, "I'm afraid you've misunderstood me, Miss. I have the instructions from the old prince. I've been asked by the old prince to come and see him. Miss is just a servant. If it's convenient for you to pass it on, please pass it on. If you refuse, I'll come back another day." He added, "What my Mammy said just now was that the girl dared to openly ignore the old prince's instructions and refused to even inform him that she would drive us out of the palace. It was too bold and unruly.". The girl actually kept talking about the rules of the palace. I don't know what the girl's identity is. Is the girl's words the rules of the palace? "Cough." As Liang Caiyi spoke, she heard a cough at the door. Startled, she turned to look over and saw a woman in a light purple dress standing at the door. And the cough was made by an old Mammy at the woman's side. But Liang Caiyi had forgotten the sound of coughing, not to mention looking at the old Mammy. She stared at the woman in the light purple dress, who waited for several people in the room to look at her, then stepped into the room, and then walked straight in their direction until she sat down in the main seat. When Mingshu sat down, he looked at Liang Caiyi and said, "Miss Liang?"? I just received a letter from my mother a few days ago, talking about Miss Liang. I didn't expect Miss Liang to arrive so soon. When Liang Caiyi heard Mingshu's words, she reacted from shock and all kinds of sour and complex, as well as the taste of sudden loss. She had guessed who the man was coming. She had heard that the Lord of Lanjia County was beautiful, but she had never thought that he would be so beautiful. But when she heard Mingshu speak,inflatable floating water park, her mind was finally pulled back. She heard her say that she had received a letter from the old princess, in which she had been mentioned, and the tight heart that had been picked by Qinglan had finally relaxed a little. joyshineinflatables.com

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