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Learn all about the Venmo limit and how to increase it for seamless transactions. Discover the daily, weekly, and withdrawal limits, along with sending money on Venmo for free. Find expert tips to manage your transactions effectively.

Venmo has become an indispensable tool for peer-to-peer transactions. Whether you're splitting bills, paying friends, or sending money to family, Venmo offers a convenient platform. However, understanding the limits associated with Venmo transactions is crucial for a smooth experience. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the various aspects of Venmo limits, including how to increase them and optimize your transactions.

How To Increase Venmo Limit?

Increasing your Venmo limit can open up a world of possibilities for seamless transactions. To enhance your transaction capacity, consider these expert tips:

  1. Verify Your Identity: Complete your profile with accurate information and verify your identity. This adds an extra layer of trust and credibility to your account.

  2. Link a Bank Account: Connecting your Venmo account to a bank account enhances your credibility and raises your transaction limits.

  3. Build Transaction History: Gradually increase your transaction volume to demonstrate responsible usage. Venmo often rewards users with higher limits based on their transaction history.

  4. Contact Customer Support: If you have a legitimate reason for needing a higher limit, don't hesitate to reach out to Venmo's customer support. They might be able to adjust your limits based on your usage patterns.

  5. Enable Two-Factor Authentication: Enhance your account security by enabling two-factor authentication. This shows Venmo that you take security seriously, which can positively impact your limit.

How Much Money Can You Send On Venmo?

Understanding the transaction limits on Venmo is essential to manage your finances effectively. Venmo has various limits based on the type of transaction:

  • Unverified Accounts: If your account is unverified, you have a weekly transaction limit of $299.99. This includes both payments and purchases.

  • Basic Accounts: Verified users with a linked bank account can send up to $4,999.99 per week.

  • Premier Accounts: If you have a Premier account, you can send up to $19,999.99 per week.

Venmo Daily Limit/Venmo Limit Per Day

Venmo also imposes daily limits to ensure security and responsible usage. As of the latest update, the daily transaction limit for verified users is $4,999.99. This limit resets every 24 hours, allowing you to continue making transactions without any interruption.

Venmo Weekly Limit

Your Venmo weekly limit depends on your account status and verification level. As mentioned earlier, unverified accounts have a limit of $299.99 per week. For verified users, the limit ranges from $4,999.99 to $19,999.99, depending on your account type.

Venmo Withdrawal Limit

While Venmo is primarily used for sending and receiving money, you can also withdraw funds to your bank account. The Venmo Withdrawal Limit is $1,099.99 per transaction. If you need to withdraw more, you may need to initiate multiple transactions.

How Much Can You Send On Venmo For Free

Venmo allows you to send money for free under certain circumstances:

Bank Transfers: Sending money from your linked bank account is free on Venmo.

Debit Card Payments: Making payments using your linked debit card is also free.

However, there is a 3% fee when sending money using a credit card to cover processing costs.


Q: Can I increase my Venmo limit beyond the standard caps?

A: While Venmo has set limits, you can often request limit increases based on your transaction history and account activity.

Q: Is there a fee for increasing my Venmo limit?

A: No, there is no fee associated with increasing your Venmo limit. It's based on your usage and account verification.

Q: What happens if I exceed my Venmo limits?

A: If you attempt to send more than your limits, Venmo will notify you and prevent the transaction from going through until your limits reset.

Q: Can I withdraw money from my Venmo balance instantly?

A: Yes, Venmo offers an Instant Transfer feature that allows you to move funds from your Venmo balance to your linked bank account instantly for a small fee.

Q: Are there limits on receiving money on Venmo?

A: No, Venmo does not impose limits on receiving money. However, keep in mind that sending and withdrawal limits still apply.

Q: Can I use Venmo for business transactions?

A: Venmo is primarily designed for personal transactions. For business-related payments, consider using other payment platforms designed for businesses.


Navigating the Venmo limits landscape is essential for making the most of this convenient payment platform. By understanding how to increase your limits, managing daily and weekly caps, and leveraging fee-free transactions, you can use Venmo to its fullest potential. Remember that your limits are not set in stone—responsible usage and verification can lead to higher limits over time.