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Macard Extender is an outstanding addition to the field of wireless data networking. Similar to many other router and extender devices, it performs exceptionally well to deliver faster and more reliable internet services. To get faster internet services, it is necessary to compete with the Macard Extender Setup. You can do that by using the WPS method. Here are the steps that you need to follow to complete the setup:

First, power on your host device and then supply the power to the Macard extender as well. Secondly, ensure that your host device supports the WPS feature. Once you make sure that, you can move ahead to locating the WPS button on the Macard device. Once you find the button, simply press it for a while (approx 7 to 10 seconds) and then release the button. The Macard Extender’s software will automatically process the setup procedure with the nearby network.