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I'm trying to prepare for the summer heat, and I've done a lot of research online. I found three popular types of homemade air conditioners on the Internet. Peltier, an ice chest with copper wrapped around a home fan, and an ice chest in which the fan passes through the chest and passes over the ice. After browsing the internet, I ruled out the Peltier option as I read that it consumes a lot of energy and may not be that efficient (correct me if I'm wrong).

Here's a little background. I will be living in my SUV 3 days a week in a row for the next year, starting in May. I won't have access to a lot of fresh ice while I'm away, so I'd like to help the ice last as long as possible. Most of these sites brag about how cold the temperature is getting... which, yes, is important... but I'm more concerned about how long the cold lasts. Is there anything I can do to make the ice last 3 days? (I will be in the car only at night, so I will turn on the air conditioner only in the evening as needed). I'm curious if anyone has tried these methods, and if so, what tips and recommendations do you have?


I recently bought a Chinese air conditioner. After 4 months, the buttons in the remote control began to stick


Hey, don't bother looking for very powerful devices. They are not always effective and do not always provide cool and pleasant air. I for example have an air conditioner not very powerful, but to my great happiness all summer I have cold and pleasant air. I understand that you have studied quite a lot, however I would advise you to see what he proposes and I both for myself and for parents bought air conditioners from them. Plus to all I also have an air conditioner that is portable, when I go on trips to have comfort