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In the word puzzle game Phrazle, players have to figure out what phrase is made up of several different words. The famous word puzzle game Wordle was the inspiration for this game, which is all about phrases instead of words.

How to Play the Game "Phrazle"

You can play the video phrazle game for free on the internet. Phrazle gives its users a new task every day that can only be done once per day. The player must type a phrase into the entry box and then hit the enter key. The game will then give feedback on the phrase in the form of different colored squares:

• A green square means that the letter is in the right place in the word and in the phrase.

• A yellow box means that the letter is in the word, but not in the right place.

• A purple area means that the letter is in the phrase, but not in the right word.

• A dark square means the letter is not in the phrase.

The player has to use this information to figure out the right sentence in no more than six tries. If the player gets the word right, the screen will show a message that says "You got it!" and a series of emojis that the user can copy and send to other people. If the player tries everything and still can't finish the task, they will see a message that says, "Sorry, you didn't get it," followed by the answer.

How to Play the Phrase Game

• Think of familiar phrases. The game uses phrases about different things, like idioms, quotes, proverbs, titles, etc. The player should try out popular phrases that are the right length and shape for the puzzle.

• Use the process of elimination. The game gives feedback on every letter in the phrase, so the player should use this knowledge to get rid of letters that are not in the phrase or are not in the right place. The player should also remember which letters they've already used so they don't use them again.

• Use logic and reasoning. The game has rules and patterns that the player can use to narrow down the choices. For example, a word must be correct if it has two green spots. If a word has two yellow spots, they need to be switched for the word to be in the right place. If a word has two purple squares, it needs to go to a different word.

• Have fun and don't give up. The game is meant to be fun and hard, not annoying or stressful. The player should enjoy figuring out what the words are and learning new ones. The person shouldn't give up if they don't get it on their first try, because they can always try again the next day.