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Creative BioMart Microbe has established a microbiological one-stop service platform to provide excellent microbiological services and products for customers in the fields of medical research, pharmaceuticals, food, agriculture, etc Agrobacterium sp. protein.


What is the difference between agriculture in India and agriculture in the USA? Traditional Farming and Modern Farming will be the optimal answer for your question.

Being a technically advanced country, most of the American farmers use modern equipments and machineries for agriculture.

However, India is a developing country and here we use both Modern and Traditional methods. Wealthier people prefer Modern one. People with low income will follow Traditional farming methods as they cannot afford buying machineries.


Analyzing the information collected from the fields is a new approach to precision agriculture that has arisen due to a large amount of data, check what is connected agriculture . Therefore, it is important to correctly diagnose, verify and interpret the information to make effective planning and management decisions. “Ag leader technology” are digital tools that collect, store, interpret information, model, and provide solid grounds for making the right decisions. All information is included in large databases obtained from all possible sources. The more accurate the data, the more useful it can be.