Are You Responsible For An Fiat Panda Key Fob Replacement Budget? 10 Amazing Ways To Spend Your Money Reasons Your Fiat 500 Key Fob Won't Work

A fiat 500 key fob is a convenient method to open the doors and begin the car. There are many reasons why the fob could stop working. This could be due to a dead coin battery damage to the receiver module, issues, and interfering.

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Dead Coin Battery

The most common reason your 500 key fob will not work is a dead battery. Modern key fobs have limited operating range and must be within just a few inches of the vehicle to function. If you're far from your vehicle and you press the key fob button, the car won't respond and will display the "Key Fob Not Detected" message in the instrument cluster.

If this happens you need to replace the battery of your coin-cell (Part Number CR2032) with a new battery of a reliable brand, like Panasonic Duracell or Energizer. You can find them at the local hardware store or on the internet.

After you've changed the battery on the coin cell, you can test it by standing in front of your Fiat 500 and pressing the buttons. The car should blink its parking lights, and the key fob will operate the lock and unlock buttons.

If your key fob still does not work after replacing the battery, it may be water damage which hinders it from interacting with the module inside your vehicle. Water damage can happen in a variety of ways, from small splashes to submerging the fob in salt water at the beach. If you think your fob was exposed to water, place it in a bag of rice to draw out the moisture. If this does not work, you'll require your fob to be reset by an auto locksmith or a dealer.

Water Damage

Water damage can occur when you immerse the fob into the ocean, or wash it in a machine. Saltwater can cause the circuit board to become shorted and eventually end up dying. The fob getting wet is not a good idea but if you accidentally drop it into a cup of water or fail to remove it from your pants pocket before running the washer and you don't have a chance, don't give in.

First, remove the battery from the fob. Clean the electronic chip using isopropyl or a similar product and dry it completely before replacing the battery. Check the fob to see if it is working. If the key isn't working, it may have to be changed. This is usually done by a professional or dealer auto locksmith.

If the key is older and has never been programmed to your car it is likely to need to be replaced completely. A professional locksmith for cars can carry out this simple task. The locksmith must cut the key to match the ignition of your vehicle. The locksmith will also have to program your fob into the car's system. This is a cheap and quick process that can be completed on the same day.

Receiver Module Issues

One of the simplest reasons your 500 key fob won't be working is that it's simply out of range. The remote usually has a range of 30 feet or less, and if it's too far from your vehicle, it won't respond to your commands. This can be fixed by moving closer to your vehicle until it starts responding.

If you've replaced the coin battery (commonly known as a "button" or "watch") and the fob won't work it could be due to an internal circuit board problem. In most cases, reprogramming the fob can resolve the issue. The instructions are available for most vehicles on YouTube or in the owner's guide.

It's possible that you need to replace the metal clips that keep the coin battery in place. If they loose tension it could prevent the coin battery from being properly seated, and this will cause your remote to malfunction.

In rare cases the fob might become desync'd with your vehicle due to software problems or hardware issues. This can cause a major headache, but you can frequently fix this issue by visiting an auto locksmith to reprogram your fob for you. In certain situations it may be necessary to reinstall the software on your body control module, as well.


In addition to a dead coin battery The key fob may not be able to receive or transmit an signal due to interference. This could happen if the key fob is in proximity to an electronic radio transmitter (cell phones, radar detectors) or any other source of electromagnetic radiation. The key fob may not function because of a problem to the buttons, water damage or damage to the internal chips.

If the key fob failed to work one day suddenly, or after trying everything you can at home to fix it e.g. replacing batteries, reprogramming or using the spare key fob, you may have a malfunctioning receiver module on your 500. The receiver module is situated under the dash and is able to pick up the radio frequency signals from the key fob. It converts them into electronic commands that the vehicle interprets.

Fortunately, there's an easy method of resetting all on-board systems in your 500 and include the key fob. Disconnect the 12 volt battery for about 15 minutes by taking off the negative cable first then the positive cable. Then, reconnect the battery. This will eliminate any remaining electrical charge and restart the car's computers, which could allow you to the key fob to function again. If the problem persists it is recommended that you consult an expert technician. They will be able to determine the root cause of any problems.

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