Five Things You've Never Learned About Dreme L30 Dreame L30 Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Hot Water Mopping

The new dreme l30 is a powerful robot vacuum cleaner that has mopping functions. It is a great choice for those who want to thoroughly clean their floors and efficiently.

It has a stronger suction power of 7300Pa and a base-station that automatically emptys after 75 days. It also supports voice commands via Alexa Siri and Google Home.

Suction Power

Featuring advanced navigation technology and customizable cleaning modes, this robot vacuum cleaner that comes with hot water mopping will leave a spotless and refreshed living space. This innovative device vacuums and mops simultaneously, removing the need to change the pad. It also includes a powerful brush to clean dirt from hard-to reach crevices and corners.

In Auto mode, it determines the amount of dust in the air and selects the appropriate suction level to ensure your home is clean. It is also energy efficient due to the advanced design of the motor and high heat dissipation capability. In addition the dreme L30 is equipped with a smart screen that shows the current dust level, remaining battery cleaning reports as well as error prompts. It comes with a dust cup and filters that can be easily removed and cleaned.

The dreme l30 is great option for busy people who want to do thorough and safe cleaning. It is easy to set up, has a powerful suction and is suitable for a variety of floor kinds. It is important to note that this robot is not designed to collect pet hair or large debris.

Unlike many vacuum cleaners, the dreme l30 has an exclusive mechanism that utilizes two motors to produce a steady and powerful suction. The first motor rotates at 150,000RPM while the second motor is able to rotate a brush to eliminate dust and dirt. This makes the dreme more efficient than conventional vacuum cleaners, which only utilize one motor for vacuuming and mopping.

Pre-orders for the dreme L30 are now available. It will be shipped in mid-October. The cost is $1699. The company also offers a limited number of free shipping coupons. Customers can redeem the free shipping voucher on their purchase of the dreme l30 by entering the code "freeshipping" when they checkout. The voucher is valid until December 31st 2020. Sign up to the dreme L30 newsletter to get updates on new product launches as well as promotional deals. The website of the company also features an FAQ section and a live chat service.


Dreame's most popular mop and vacuum robot features an intelligent navigation system known as AI Action, which uses an advanced RGB camera and 3D-structured light to swiftly learn your home, adjust cleaning strategies, and create a map of your home. This prevents undiscovered spots, frequent cleaning, and a tendency to get stuck and ensures that your home is consistently clean and organized.

robotvacuummops has dual LIDAR sensors on the front and top of the device for obstacle avoidance. In our tests, the device was able navigate effectively even when we turned off all the lights and it was able to locate its cleaning and charging stations on its own. It also can detect obstacles like slippers, toys and power cords, and eliminate them effectively. This is a major advantage over robots that rely on simple laser systems.

Mop Self-Cleaning

The mopping feature however, despite our best-in-test performance, did not shine as brightly. It wiped up sticky spills, dusted off cat litter and did not leave streaks on hardwood floors, but it wasn't as efficient on tile floors with water accumulation and old, stuck-on stains. It took a bit more time than anticipated to finish the job. The mop pads are removed from the unit to dry and wash by blowing warm air into the base station after every cleaning, a feature that keeps them clean and prevents the growth of mold. The mop pads are a challenge to put back into holders, and we saw them fall out a few times during our tests.

The Dreame L20 Ultra, like other hybrid robots that are more advanced utilizes a smartphone app and laser towers to create a map of your home and arrange it by rooms. It can also connect to wi-fi to control and adjust the robot remotely.

TrueMapping 2.0 is a mapping using LIDAR technology that offers an improved route and offers twice the range of other robots that utilize this kind of technology. It also comes with an imaging system that can identify and avoid common objects like wires, toys and keys.

In both vacuuming and mopping mode it Dreame dispenses just enough water to get your floors wet without overdoing it. The MopExtend feature allows mop heads to be extended by up to 2mm in order to reach corners and tight spaces. We were impressed by its capability to clean small areas and remove fine dirt, which our other robots had difficulty doing.

It could take some time to understand the various options and settings in the application. As with all robotic vacuums and mops it's recommended to set up an enclosure around furniture that is safe to prevent damage or accidents. If you can deal with the occasional issue with mopping pads, then this is one of our top hybrid vacuum/mop combinations.

Battery Life

The dreme l30 comes with the battery's life of around 45 minutes for a single lap around my apartment, which is around 20 square meters of floor space that is clean (not including furniture or the huge box it came in). This is a remarkable amount of time and makes the dreame L30 similar to a Dyson model, but for 2-3x less money. It also has an HD full-color screen that shows battery life, cleaning reports and more. This is a top-quality device that does everything.

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