en1.8/summonGame ModsElectric Arrows and Bombs | Only One Command! | No Mods! (Vanilla) by char minecraft avatar char

en1.8/giveAnderes Itemchest that is oppppp by dragon egg minecraft avatar dragon egg

en1.8.9/summonTiere & Monsterkiller bunny horse combo! by arctic_fox555 minecraft avatar arctic_fox555

en1.8/setblockKisten SetsLets go Prismarine! by kylun11 minecraft avatar kylun11

en1.8/summonDorfbewohner Shopsuperman villager by thymulitwere minecraft avatar thymulitwere

enAny/giveRüstungDiamond OP Gear Final Part! by nooc34 minecraft avatar nooc34

en1.9/summonDorfbewohner Shopcrazy villager by stevetoobs minecraft avatar stevetoobs

en1.9/giveSchildergood and bad time by littleyellowpikmin minecraft avatar littleyellowpikmin

en1.9/summonRüstungJeff the armour guy by tom_pat124 minecraft avatar tom_pat124

en1.8/summonTiere & MonsterBOB THE ZOMBIE by superwinner50 minecraft avatar superwinner50

en1.8 1.9/giveZaubertränkeOVER POWERED!!!!!! by pokemaster0 minecraft avatar pokemaster0

en1.8/1.9/giveRüstungdia amore and waepon by kmaahr minecraft avatar kmaahr

en1.9/giveRüstunglinneas lÃ¥ng kalsonger by linneli minecraft avatar linneli

en1.9/summonMechanismusScaryCraft by mightymaddox minecraft avatar mightymaddox

enany/summonTiere & Monsterpet bat vinilla minecraft by mrmad_da_boss minecraft avatar mrmad_da_boss

en1.8.1/NothingMechanismusHow to make a trampoline in minecraft no mods! by raffas minecraft avatar raffas

en1.8+ (1.9 etc)/giveZaubertränkeHelpless Potion by chaosblast23 minecraft avatar chaosblast23

en1.8/giveZaubertränkea god potion by hero80 minecraft avatar hero80

en1.8/toastTiere & Monstertoast the bunny by wolf1775 minecraft avatar wolf1775

en1.8/summonRüstungWINGS MAKE YOU FLY by redstarcreeper99 minecraft avatar redstarcreeper99

en1.9/giveAnderesGet A Head by steve_has_jobs minecraft avatar steve_has_jobs

en1.8/summonDorfbewohner ShopWTF VILLAGER by elementalgaming minecraft avatar elementalgaming

en1.8, 1.9/giveWerkzeug & WaffenFortune of The Forefathers by mrblubeardedyeti minecraft avatar mrblubeardedyeti

enAll versions/summonDorfbewohner ShopUltimate vilager by legomaster minecraft avatar legomaster

en1.9.X/1.Befehl ErklärungenAll 3 Command Blocks in one command!! by finleynoel minecraft avatar finleynoel

en1.8-1.9 Only/summonBefehl Erklärungenhow to summon Charged Creeper by l123iamgoodatredstone123l minecraft avatar l123iamgoodatredstone123l

en1.9 and Snapshots/summonTiere & MonsterPharyl Warrior by char minecraft avatar char

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenNoob sword by awesome_penguin6 minecraft avatar awesome_penguin6

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenSword of Undead Soldier by bluyoshi minecraft avatar bluyoshi

en1.8+/giveRüstungMojang Boots by guerrerocanino minecraft avatar guerrerocanino

de1.9/giveRüstungEnchant 1 chestplate by benny2314 minecraft avatar benny2314

en1.8/summonTiere & MonsterHard Skeleton Bos by vrlzgrade1st minecraft avatar vrlzgrade1st

en1.8/summonDorfbewohner Shopultimate iceserbia's shop:all free by iceserbia minecraft avatar iceserbia

enNo Mod/effectZaubertränkecan't be dead! by wencyherrerapro minecraft avatar wencyherrerapro

en1.10/giveRüstungBerserker's Helmet by squalllionheart minecraft avatar squalllionheart

en1.8/1.8.8/summonWerkzeug & WaffenGIANT SWORD AND YOU CAN CHANGE IT TO ANYTHING! by deadandfriendly minecraft avatar deadandfriendly

en1.9 1.9.1 1.9.2 1.9.3 1.9.4 1.10 ect./lookBefehl Erklärungensecret world generater! by xxjordan9999xx minecraft avatar xxjordan9999xx

en1.9/giveAnderes ItemUNLIMTED Diamonds by lexy-hd minecraft avatar lexy-hd

en1.10.2/scoreboardScoreboardKill Count by steve 2000 minecraft avatar steve 2000

en1.8.8/giveZaubertränkeWhy Be You People by totingpogi123 minecraft avatar totingpogi123

enAny/giveAnderes ItemBlue Gradient Banner by chainmailzombie minecraft avatar chainmailzombie

en1.8.3+/giveZaubertränkeLike A Wither Skull by diamond_ruler13 minecraft avatar diamond_ruler13

en1.10/giveRüstungIron Man Chestplate by squidquaplayz minecraft avatar squidquaplayz

en1.10/giveRüstungSafety Boots 1.10 by theredcreeper666 minecraft avatar theredcreeper666

en1.8 and higher/giveZaubertränkeThe GHOST potion by teneshan minecraft avatar teneshan

en1.9/giveTiere & Monsterghost spawner and... cakes for what ever reason. by charbomber minecraft avatar charbomber

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenDia pickkkk by oduasil minecraft avatar oduasil

en1.10/giveWerkzeug & WaffenLightning Bolt-BobieJamJoe458 by bobiejamjoe458 minecraft avatar bobiejamjoe458

en1.10/giveAnderesThe suspicious potion by dyzio_gamer minecraft avatar dyzio_gamer

en1.10/summonTiere & MonsterMagma Giant (Easy) by superhoopa minecraft avatar superhoopa